Why do I want to eat when I'm ill?!


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I've got a cold *sniff sniff* and as usual, it makes me want to eat although I'm not at all hungry. Why is that!?!

I'm having a pear. I'm still having a good day and I'm determined not to make this stupid eating urge turn into a binge.

On the plus side, starting to eat has cleared my blocked nose and I can breathe through both nostrils! LOL!
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want to be me again ...
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lots of water for you young lady !!! lots of cuddles and a hot water bottle ...
hope you feel better soon honey xxxxx


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Thanks Gilly! I have been drinking drinking drinking (and am not thinking about having a whisky for medicinal purposes!!!)


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I always eat loads when I'm not feeling well and have an appetite twice the size as usual, whereas most people go off their food....I would have to be different!
Last time I had a cold, about three days before, I started eating for England and thinking about food all the time (nothing new there though!!). Low and behold, a few days later a real nasty cold arrived. I think its all about your body trying to get some goodness in it to fight infection.
Eat.....just eat the right food ;)


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If you're on a green day......... make a huge bowl of syn free rice pudding, thats the ultimate comfort food, and free! x

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soup, soup and more soup...also oranges (but not at the same time!)
I hope you feel better soon Hun.



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Ooh I will have to go look for the syn free rice pudding, that sounds perfect. Thanks Louise.

I wish I could go off my food like other people (for 'other' read 'slim' lol!) do when they're poorly but nooooo!

Thanks everyone. Bag of oranges and some other comfort foods for me....I'm lucky that I'm off work on leave at the moment anyway so I can spend my time planning what food to eat without grabbing random synful stuff!

More tissues!


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I get really peculiar and picky about food when I have a cold, and when I start to feel better again, I usually get a strange craving for fish and chips!


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To make rice pudding

* Boil pudding rice in water until soft
* Drain and tip into a bowl
* Stir in sweetner
* Stir in a Muller light
* Enjoy