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why do lipotrim?


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Hi I am trying to decide what diet to do next :) ive done them all most rcently slimming world and I didnt like it so i was considering going back on cambridge which i did about a year ago. Ive been reading some threads about Lipotrim and was wondering if people could tell me why you chose this instead of another VLCD as i hear you only get 3 shakes flavours and 1 soup is that right? just want to look at all options before i decide what to do! is there a particular reason you chose lipotrim? thanks! :)
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Yep, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate shakes and chicken soup. There are flapjacks too which some say arent particularly nice. I got one today to try. I love the choc shake but make it with loads of ice, reminds me of a McD's shake then!!

I am just starting day 13 and have lost 13.5lb so far so hope for 14-16lb total loss on Wednesday at my 2 week weigh in!


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I chose LT over LCDs as - to put it simply - i didn't know what else was out there. a friend had a good result when she tried it, it seemed reasonable price with quick results and so away i went :)

All the shakes are fine, i'm not a fan of the soup and not tried the flapjacks. All the water intake is fine. TO be hoenst, for me it's not about having variety or having yummy tasting things so i'm not bothered at all by the lack of variety.

Good luck whatever your decision.


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Simple reason: "Cos it's the best diet on d planet" ;-)

No seriously I personally think-and I can see all the LTfeloowslimmers nodding now- that this is the first diet, that actually worked. And trust me I tried EVERYTHING!

I don't mind the shakes and in fairness 3 flavours are ok!It could b worse!And no matter what flavour, main thing is that you get there and we all do!

No matter what u decide, it's the best for u! Good luck



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Simply, because i didnt know of any other!!!

And now i do know of a couple others i wouldnt dare change and i think even if i had known of others LT suits my routine, no need to see a councellor (sp?) and the limited flavours is ideal - too much choice is, infact actually bad for us - believe it or not!!! :)


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I chose LT because I knew someone that had lost a tremendous amount of weight on the diet. I looked into LL, but it was way too expensive and wasnt so sure about the meetings once a week. Wasnt sure if I was quite ready for that.
LT is sufficient and the choice is limited, but I dont mind that at all. The aim is to lose the weight and have a holiday from food, so I am happy with the choice of flavours and I usually only have the choc/strawberry and soup.
Whatever you decide, I am sure it will be the right thing for you and good luck in whatever one you choose!
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hi, I agree with all the LP trimmers, I chose it because my aunt who was much bigger than I did it and she lost 50lbs on it going from a size 18 to 12 so i decided to try it, so far so good, I lost 21 pounds:D and people are starting to notice it. It requires willpower :17729:but if you want to lose weight trust me the will power will come, seeing yourself naked in the mirror will motivate you.
good luck:character00115:

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I did it because a few people at work did it and one girl at work lost 9 stone!!! I know someone who did the CD but the weight loss wasn't as fast and as well i know, It takes us years to put on the weight but we want to lose it all in weeks:D.


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I chose LT as some friends of mine used it, they also told me about an a lady I knew who lost 10 stone on it, I never knew here when she was overweight. I had always feared that you could be ill on it until I came on here and saw such positivity. I have tried to diet for 20 years and kept losing and gaining the same weight back again and then some. My life had a radical shake up last year and I feel now is the time to lose this weigh once and for all, I believe LT is helping me do that. As someone else on here (I think it's Jan) say's what we eat on this diet is fuel for the body - medicine so to speak. I don't think I would do too well on another diet that offered me too much choice, more varied flavours, sweeter bars as this would not help me to break with the old habit of looking for that sweet thing. Don't get me wrong I enjoy the shakes and the flapjacks, but they are not more-ish, therefore I do not use them for anything other than getting my nutrients in. I hope by reading all the positives on here you will be nearer to making your decision. Best of luck with what you decide.


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Having lost 3 stone on LT...(Then a further 3 lbs on the re-feed fortnight) I can only say that LT has really been a de-tox from food and the cravings to binge/diet/binge....cycle I have been on since I was 16, I'm now 54, on my 2nd week of maintenance and I can honestly say food is now NOT the love of my life or my demon either. I now eat only when I'm hungry, I still drink loads of water and a couple of mugs of green tea a day, I have a few squares of organic 70-85% dark chocolate a few times a week, but I no longer crave all the sugary/fatty/carb-laden food I once did. I could have carried on the shakes for much longer as I really enjoyed them wizzed with lots of ice, but at my age, a size 14 looks really good, any more lost and my face would look gaunt and my boobs would be empty sacs!!! I now have a completely new wardrobe of funky, colourful clothes and shoes, bags and accessories that Gok Wan would be SO proud of!!! I am confident, blissfully happy with my body and the way I now look, but I really would not have succeeded without the help and encouragement from the fabulous people on this Lipotrim site. Go for it, I say!!!!!


Here we go again!
I love the detox from food and flavours too. Having limited choice really cleanses your palette too, so after finishing this (only 2 weeks to go for me), I'm hoping I will like more veg and fruit than before and always try to make the healthy choice. The price was OK for me too, almost half the price of LL and not having to see a counsellor was good for me, she's about an hour away on train if I went that route.

The water intake was hard at first but after a couple of weeks you seem to need more of it. Easily downing 4lts a day now.

Good luck with whatever you chose to do but LT is great!!


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thanks everyone it sounds very similar to cambridge i got annoyed with that though as believe it or not i had the shakes for 2 weeks and didnt lose a pound, this was quite far into it so maybe had a plateu but was so depressing! ive also heard such horror stories about how it slows down your metabolism and i must admit since coming off cambridge i put on weight very fast and no i wasnt stuffing myself so im a bit warey about going back on a similar diet, then again i know it works and im sick of being big still! i lost 6 stone and have put back on about a stone so not bad considering just would love to finally get to goal! will let you know if i decide to try LT! Thanks everyonex


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The reason I chose lipotrim was basically the same as others. I really love this diet because I have the support of a pharmacist and because of the weigh ins every week it helps keep you on track and avoid abandoning the diet. Also my pharamcist went into a lengthy process how this TFR burns your fat and not muscle. Ive been on the diet 21 days now and have lost 16 pounds so far on weigh in and also 4.8% of my body fat- proven results im eating my own fat away lol. I tried slimfast and couldnt stomach the shakes and I was starving but on lipotrim I love the shakes and havent been hungry at all.

The best thing about LT is that as others have said it purifys the palette so when you come off it the healthy choices of food will taste just as good as junk, and junk food should hopefully taste greasy. Its a very good re-educating diet. If youve got the will and determination to suceed during and after LT you'll be very happy that you did it.
Jodie x


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well i went to the chemist after work and was greeted by the stupidest women ive ever met she didnt have a clue what she was talking about all she said to me was well you just dont eat basically just drink shakes and threw me a leaflet then asked me to give her £10 to watch a dvd but i had no money so her assistant said dont worry you can watch the film on the website and buy the products there? she has arranged an appointment for me with someone on wendesday but so far my experience hasnt been great! i hope the guy knows a bit more on wednesday!!


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hope you get a better response on wednesday. read different threads here and you will gain good insight into the diet. good luck

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