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Why do people quit SW?

The average diet supposedly lasts just over 10 weeks. (I read it in the daily mail so I don't know how true it is).

I was looking through some old posts (I like to be inspired) and I saw lots of people with half finished signatures (they put in all the weeks, but only had losses for half) but these people left months ago.

I know some people just leave minimins but I am also guessing alot quit the diet as well.

I am curious for the reasons people quit SW.
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I quit SW last year because I moved house and it was easier to eat "normal" food. Then I went on a binging spree and didn't want to admit I was unhappy being overweight.. then I realised food wasn't solving the problem.. then I came back to SW lol.

But yeah, I've noticed the half finished signatures too. No idea why people quit! Quitters usually come back though, I remember when I went to class a lot of people stopped/started. It's like a bad relationship!
I quit after 3 months, mainly because I had lost 3 stone in that amount of time and depsite sticking to slimming world the weight loss had just ground to a hault, it was becoming very expensive to keep going with SW both for classes and to continuosly have the right foods in.

I came off it but didnt go back to my old eating habits, I would say I came off it for 3 months with the intention of going back after christmas which I did, and the weight loss has started again.
I think its down to other things in life taking over the preparation thats required for the plan.
People get bored of having to work out their meals for the day, let alone a week and its too easy to slip back into old habbits.
I think people quit because they get to a point where being restricted isnt working for them - they relax and then get into the head in the sand mentality....i know, ive been dieting since i was about 18 and im 31 now!

Im doing it this time tho - totally focused again!!! x
i have quit loads of times in the past cause i'm stupid i could of been at goal years ago.
my prob is i get to 2stone start to feel good and think i can eat normal then normal leads to the way i was eating which is way to much rubbish
I think that part of the problem is that people see SW as just another diet which you go on for a while, then come off, rather than as a plan for life.

People keep referring to "normal food" - well, if we are going to stay healthy this IS normal food.

The food which made us fat isn't healthy food for anyone, fat or skinny. Not everyone needs to lose weight, but if everyone ate in the balanced way that SW advocates then there would be a lot of very healthy people out there.
Thanks very much for everyones replies.

So from what you have all said, when on a diet:
-avoid moving house (evilpenguin)
-if weight loss comes to a halt, stick to SW but take some time away from the scales (topos)
-be flexible (mrs v)
-don't restrict yourself, take advantage of flexi syns (ellebear)
-just because you have lost weight, doesn't mean you can go back to how you use to eat (tinkerbellsmum)
-SW is a NORMAL and HEALTHY way to eat, not a fad diet, or a heart attack inducing one, weightloss just happens to be a side effect (avisk)


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I've quit twice before after having operations. I have good intentions to carry on but once I'm unable to get to meetings it all goes wrong! Then I say to myself I'll wait until after Christmas or whatever....
I have done SW twice in the past and quit class in the famous 'I can do this on my own' way. Needless to say, I couldn't.

I never particularly liked class, so this time it's a combination of finding a was of doing plan which is right for me (online- still a structure and financial commitment but no classes) and my starting weight, which horrified me into realising that if I didn't do it this time I was going to spend the rest of my life morbidly obese.


running strictly on fat!
............and I guess in more general terms, the answer to your question is 'because diets are really flippin hard. If they weren't we would all be in a bikini on the beach'!!!!
Love your answer: if only diets were easy we would all be in a bikini on the beach!! Pronto!! xxx
Because it's all too easy to phone the Chinese, Indian or Pizza place who deliver (for free) when you spend a tenner (so order more to make up the value...) or go to the chippy!
I don't think ANY of us would be on the beach in a bikini at the mo!!! Brrrrrr!!!!!!!!! LOL
I quit last year because I put on one week and thought... why the hell am I paying £5 a week to feel humiliated? And our group person was pretty rubbish.. My thinking was I could do it by myself.. but I was near my wedding day and got stressed about fitting in my dress so ended up back on the old.. oh maybe if I don't eat breakfast I'll loose weight quicker... oh since I didn't eat breakfast i can eat a choc bar kind of diet..
Somehow managed to loose some weight but then went crazy on my honey moon and put on a stone or somethign ridiculous so here I am (or at least here I was till I got + baby) 6 months later back again lol

I have to admit though, sometimes it's easy to think.. why am I bothering to diet? Pass the takeaway lol
I think alot of people quit when they have a bad week because they want to feel happy, but its easy to forgot how pleased and great how you feel when your healthy.

i cant say il never gain my weight back, i can only hope that my determination is strong enough! i have no intention on gaining it back at all, i cant cope with that emotional change all over again! LOL
I think that's deffinately it.. you forget how good it feels to loose/have lost weight and crave the instant gratification of kfc/chinese/chips/pizza/chocolate/all of the above and give in
P.s. sorry about crazy ticker posts
When i quit last year it was just because i had lost a lot of weight, felt good about myself was going to the gym a lot and just found i could have more food i couldn't on slimming world because of the amount of exercise i was doing. So when going out i would have chips instead of jacket potato etc. It was only when i thought i could get away with not going to the gym, going jogging instead and saving the money i put the weight back on. And you know diets get boring after a while just gotta get a good balance i think.
This time should be different...

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