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Why do photos still make me feel like a moose?

Yup I know exactly how you feel! I think it will take a while for our heads to catch up with our bodies. Or maybe now we're loosing weight we're more critical and expect to look super slim and svelte right this minute!!


Used to be fatter
OMG I was having this -exact- conversation last night.

I was trying on clothes for a party I'm going to on friday night, and I'm clearly 20lbs lighter than I was but still I'm standing there, looking in the mirror, saying to my OH "I look horrendous".

I hope it does get better Larara... I'm just not sure when :sigh:
it's just pants though isnt it? trying so hard i expect to look like elle mcpherson haha!

i know it's all about riding out the storm... but i just dont feel slimmer yet even though ive nearly lost 2 stone... grrrrrr!


Used to be fatter
If you want a laugh - go read my post from this morning; sure to brighten anyone's day ;)
I suspect you're being far too hard on yourself... we are our own worst critics aren't we! You're weight loss so far is amazing, I can only hope I do nearly that well! Have you treated yourself to anything new to wear? We tend to put it off while we're still losing but if you've lost 2 stone already would think you'll have dropped a dress size at least. A new outfit could show off your loss better and be a nice reward for your efforts so far?? Also, are you measuring as well as weighing? Perhaps you'll be more able to acknowledge your fab work if you count the inches coming off as well as the lbs x
Agree with Allie, were our own worst enemies and very critical of ourselves :eek:
It's not until I compare to my before pictures that I can see what others see but when that old pic goes away the same old thoughts are back.
We really shouldn't be hard on ourselves.....were doing something positive to change our lives and thats pretty amazing

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