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Why Do You Feel So Cold On CD ??? :-(

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I don't know the science of it but it's because you're in ketosis, i'm freezing! I've got a body,t-shirt & jumper on plus the heating is full & still cold, when the family get home from work they'll probably be sweating their box off....lol



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You poor things...ketosis cold...I've never known cold like it. I had it in the middle of summer and no one could understand why I was frozen!
definetly ketosis cold
i`m sat here freezing going for a bath soon that tends to warm me up
doesn`t help either that its winter
(i've actually got two pairs of bridget jones' on! don't tell OH...;))


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I'm not cold at allChecked and I am in ketosis Is there something wrong with me??


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The reason for it, apparently, is because the body is effectively in "famine" mode, and it is an automatic reflex of the body to preserve itself. The way it helps with that is to retain all bodily heat internally to protect the vital organs so that they can keep operating at body temperature. As such, your extremeties become cold because the body is not bothering to keep those warm ...... In essence, the body only does what it knows is necessary to stay alive for as long as possible, to see out the famine.
wow! I never knew it actually meant anything at all... I've never ever felt the cold before, even in the winter I'm a t shirt girl, it's a standing joke at work..until the Cambridge Diet..now I'm f-f-f-f-freezing!! I've got a coat now, first one in about ten years! I've also got ear muffs and gloves..I'm quite enjoying it actually, makes me feel like everyone else for a change.. plus it's great to know it's all to do with losing weight..



Back On CD.......
But I am not in Ketosis & probably wont get into it as I have having skimmed milk in my tea/coffee, its the only thing that will get me thru the diet..
im freezing too, have a hot water bottle with me all night, keep having to refill it, lol bring on summer please....

I am constantly freezing cold, im sat with a hot water bottle most of the night too i have always got my jumper on at work hopefully as weather changes it will get better


please try again
get urselfs a heated blanket for the bed, its the dogs boll*xs


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I'm loving the feeling cold thing, after nearly 2 years of hot flushes and nightsweats, it's great to feel the need to put on an extra layer or pull the duvet tight around myself. Nicky was surprised yesterday to see me with a cardigan on.. LOL

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