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Why Exante??


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Ok people, I have to admit at day 13 I am struggling with the whole no food thing. ( I had food binge on day 8 and 9 evenings, and not sure if ever got to ketosis , but did have 15lb loss week one)
Here I am on my two yr anniversary with hubby feeling annoyed that I can't celebrate with food/wine, dreaming about food last night and also knowing that things can't continue as they were pre-Exante ...
So I thought it would be inspiring to hear what made you bunch of gorgeous, determined shrinking people choose ( and stick with) a TFR way of life...
Thanks Rach xxx
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Rach have you thought about switching to simple or working solution?
I know its a faster loss on TFR but if it makes you binge because you miss food then its a bit of a false economy?

I've been really happy on WS and just think its a brilliant compromise? (If you make the right choices :) )


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1. I am fed up been fat all my life
2. Fed up of not buying any more clothes because I want to be thinner first
3. Fed up of the amount I waste on food, thinking about it, consuming it and then feeling guilty after eating it.
4. I want to sort my body once and for all
5. I don’t want to be fatty in the group.
6. I like ketosis instead of fighting hunger and self discipline, I only need to self discipline myself.
7. 6 months or 9 months of not eating and enjoying food, is better than be sad for the rest of my life.
8. The food I crave today will be here in 6 months time, I can have it then and not feel guilty.


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Yoyo dieter the last 10 years - sick of obsessing about my weight, so want to kick start myself on the road to good health and get back to being fit and active (without the discomfort and breathlessness that accompanies exercise these days).

I'm a famine or a feast kinda girl and find it so much easier to be following an Exante-type plan rather than try and adhere to a strict diet.

It's also doing no harm for my damaged Irish liver to take a break from the old vino for a change (also usually leads to my eating more).

It's a good suggestion re. considering Maintenance instead. If this isn't working for you, then perhaps consider the other option! You still lose weight quickly.
I may personally switch to it after my first couple of stone so that I can allow myself a more flexible lifestyle.


Losing it!
I am fat. I do not want to be fat. I want to be a good example to my children as I do not want them to be fat. TFR is giving me a chance to resolve the issues I have surrounding food.


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Maybe you need to address why hubby is annoyed with you too. Does he have weight issues that he needs to address and isnt ready. Maybe like my hubby he just doesnt understand the whole emotional thing. I find without a partner 100% onboard with you its very difficult. I am by no means passing the blame on but you really need that support. If no one cares enough to make sure you are sticking to your weight loss plan then you feel why should you care ..kwim. Its just another way to look at it, if you felt less self consious about the whole not eating thing then the battle might be half won.


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Shimmystar, if you need to take a day off Total Solution to get throught the anniversary, why not do that, but for this occasion only. Don't make a habit of it because otherwise it's too easy to slip in and out of your diet, and being in Ketosis is important for success on Total Solution. Have a shake or soup for breakfast and lunch and then have your meal out but don't go wild.Then the following day get right back onto Total Solution and stick to it.

You need to decide if losing weight is more important to you than bingeing, etc.

It took the death of someone very close to me who was overweight most of her life to give me the wake up call I needed. I have been on and off diets for years, but I always slip back. Although I feel perfectly healthy now, I know I am on the road to diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, cancer, etc unless I change the way I live. Having sweets, a packet of biscuits, a big fry up or a drinking session is just not worth it. I feel so disgusted with myself afterwards. I need to lose weight to reach a healthy BMI. I need to exercise and get fitter. This is what motivates me.

I am sure your husband would rather have a healthy, happy wife than one plagued with health problems because of her weight.

Why not aim for a healthier you by your third anniversary and set lots of mini goals along the way. If you find Exante TS too difficult go for one of the other diets. You'll be in it for the long haul so you need a diet you can stick to.


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it's the speed thing....when you are looking at losing 5,6,7+ stones, the thought of losing 2lbs a week is so disheartening!
However, I intend to switch to WW/SW when I only have 1-2 stones to go.


I decided to try Exante, as I need to see some quick initial results to encourage me to carry on and also to enable me to start exercising. A friend of mine had great results and recommended this to me, so I know it works.