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Why is it that some people?

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Why is it that some people treat you very strangely when it comes to your weight loss..? There are certain people who never comment on it even though I've not seen them for a long time and I know they can see that I am finally losing the weight..I find it very strange :confused:
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I think some people may be too embarassed or concerned about how it would seem to comment on your weight loss. For example if they were to say 'you've lost weight, you look really good' the implication could be that you were fat and didn't look good before. I think that may have something to do with it anyway.
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I agree some people just dont want to comment in case its seen as negative, some people know you look good but dont know why!!


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Ah, I find this as well, and what's weird is some of the people are my closest friends!! My clothes are literally hanging off me at the min cos I need some new stuff, and I've gone down 2 dress sizes, and 2 people in particular have never ever mentioned it!

I know its not that they don't want to offend as our mutual friend has commented about it in front of them, but its like they don't hear it?! They bang on about being overweight all the time as well, and I feel like saying something about my loss and how I've got there but then I worry I'd look like I'm preaching about SW to them too much - they do know I'm on it and I feel like they should make the decision to do something themselves...!

I posted a pic on my Facebook the other day and about 7 or 8 people liked it and I had lots of positive comments from other friends about how I looked and how well I've done... yet again, not a word from these 2, and they are on there all the time!

Luckily, I don't feel the need for validation from them on how well I've done, I can see and feel it for myself, but it is funny how some people react!

I would guess its either a little envy or they honestly haven't noticed that much of a change.... but everyone else has! Odd!

I say you are doing this for yourself and no one else so try not to worry about what other people can or can't see xxxxxxxx

hollys nan

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Indeed it could well be envy. Or perhaps if it was me as I am completely obsessed with S W atm, they may think, if I mention it she'll bang on about the "plans" zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. You are doing well, just carry on btw where abouts in Cheshire are you. I live in Cheshire as well, you may be my neighbour! We could bang on about S W together ha ha!


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I think it may be jealousy..its obvious you can tell you've lost weight. You said they go on about being overweight, it may be that you losing your weight highlights theirs? Well done anyway, you're doing fab xxx
I get this too. My step sister never ever comments as she is about 5 stone overweight. But she tells others ive done really well....confusing!?. My mum has never said well done either but that's just her as a person she is a tad weird. Well done on ur journey so far tho xx
*Emsie* said:
I think people may feel insecure and a failure because they can't do it. I've often had people start explaining why they haven't lost weight or stuck to their diets but they don't have to explain themselves to me.
There are lots of weird and wonderful reactions to us as we lose weight but the main thing is how we feel :) and wel done on your loss!
Why let it bother you, at the end of the day you are doing it for yourself. I've lost ten stone and there are people who see me and say nothing but when people do I get embarrassed.

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