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why is my consultant reluctant?


shrinking granny
I've been struggling for a while, losing and gaining the same few pounds.

I've been asking the consultant for the fast forward plan for a while and she keeps fobbing me off :mad:

I have heard that its very strict and hard but, its MY choice and I want to do it, so, why will she not give it to me??

Its not as if I dont pay my £4.95 every week just to be told you have lost / gained the same couple of lbs :cry::cry:
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FF has to be the last resort. I know, I just did it. Have you tried Success Express first? If not, as your C about it.
Has your Consultant tried any other tools with you such as food diary or SAS log?

Fast Forward is usually used as a last resort as it goes against everythng SW advocates. It is designed to make you appreciate what you have with food optimising by restricting you quite harshly for a week.

If you've tried all other tools with your Consultant she should give you Fast Forward. What are her reasons for declining?

(I used to be a Consultant btw)


shrinking granny
If you've tried all other tools with your Consultant she should give you Fast Forward. What are her reasons for declining?
yea we have went through sucess express.

She never gives a reason for not giving me the FF plan, it feels as if she just dosent want to discuss it. :mad:

I dont want to pack in going to class because I know I will put any weight loss I've had back on. But, starting to loss the willpower here :cry::cry:


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How long is the "a while" that you've been playing with out of interest?

How did things on Success Express work out for you and over how much time?

Remember that with FF most people report a good loss the first weigh-in, but then have a small gain/maintain the second week after going back to the plan.

Have to ask another question - are you struggling with the plan or just with the weight loss?


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And I wonder if it is because you haven't plateau'd. You are losing weight but then you put it on again. So perhaps you need to be thinking about what happens those weeks when you gain again. Are you subconsciously relaxing because you've had a loss the week before? Not saying that is what happens but just posing one possible reason.
err ladies what is Fast Forward and Success Express please? x
Success Express I am not sure is 'offically' promoted anymore, but it was a plan where for each meal you fill 2/3 of your plate with superfree food, and the other 1/3 can be red and green mixed, or a healthy extra. (Was mainly used before EE was around).

Fast Forward is a plan which isn't promoted and available in the same way, you are supposed to only be able to get it from your consultant, although of course the internet makes it possible. Rather than having free food and HEs and syns, you have specific meals you are allowed to eat, only a choice of a few meals for each meal and then a few snacks to choose from which are 'counted' in a different way.


shrinking granny
Thanks for all your replies,

When I say loseing and gaining the same few lbs I mean since easter :rolleyes:

I've tried increasing and decreasing my syns, smaller portions.

Its not as if I'm am anywhere near my 1st goal :mad:


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EASTER!!!!!!!! Ok forget asking her....TELL HER!!!!!!

Ok that's a bit harsh...but, after class, explain its been seen easter you've been class fees each week, to lose then add a pound and really need help. Ask again about FF and if she says no, ask why?
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I can see your frustrating but as the others have said it is only used as a last resort. How were your losses on success sxpress?

If you still did not lose on success express then ask your consultant if you can chat to her after image therapy or email/text her to say you are feeling at your last point.

Personally to me fast forward sounds so grim i know i woudl never stick to it.
...Could also be that your consultant needs some refresher training and doesn't feel confident guiding you through FF...
I'll add my tuppenth worth here. I want to give you a few suggestions that helped me as I have been where you are and it is so frustrating esp when the consultant you pay doesn't seem to be helping very much. Sorry if this has all been said before but I wanted you to try a few things.
First of all NEVER decrease the amount you are eating. Do a google search on why counting calories doesn't work and you will see why.

Syns I would stick to 70syns a week.

Try having only one A choice instead of 2 - this really helped me.

If you have bananas with your cereals, as an example- try swapping for some speed fruits like rasberries and strawberries instead.Likewise with other meals try to swap non speed foods for speeds.

Don't go out for meals for a couple of weeks - this was my downfall.

Okay these are my suggestions that have helped me inthe past. But DO NOT reduce your meal sizes and starve yourself - it will backfire in the long run. I write this with love and kindness and hope your weight starts to drop off soon. xxxx


Life's full of choices
Crafty that is really good advice and has also worked well for me. I started on 15 syns a day and lost around 1 - 1.5lbs a week. I reduced my syns to 10 a day and WOW I lose 3 - 3.5lbs a week unless it's that time of the month. I started walking too anywhere that took me 30 minutes or less.


shrinking granny
Thank you craftylucyloo :flowers:
I will take your advice on board as with all other advice.

At the start of my weightloss journey I was probably more active but, due to diability I dont get about much these days :rolleyes:

I will see what the scales show this week.
Although I never use my syns for sweets / chocolate because if I started on them I wouldn't stop.
I use my syns as part of the meal eg. curry paste @ 3-4 syns etc



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I was given fast forward when I had remained roughly the same weight for about 3 months. It did teach me about portion control and that i was probably eating far too much "free foods". It taught me to go back to eating 3 meals a day and snacking on fruit and veg in between if i was genuinely hungry. I suddenly remembered what hunger felt like. I had been fooling myself before, that when I was saying I was hungry, I wanted something in my mouth but my tummy was not giving me any messages. I lost 2.5 lbs having done fast forward and after I shook my menus around I had a week of eating meals that I never normally cook. It had the desired effect and gradually I started losing my faithful half a pound a week. You too could check your hunger levels. . is it really hunger or a feeling in your mouth or throat. I was aware that my whole day was spent thinking about food so if it was available and free, I ate it. If you eat exactly what your body needs you will not lose but you will maintain weight. Good luck x
I suddenly remembered what hunger felt like. I had been fooling myself before, that when I was saying I was hungry, I wanted something in my mouth but my tummy was not giving me any messages.
Agree 100% and on this note, can I reccomend sugar free ice pops. You can get them called calypso icicles, they are free, take a long time to eat, and satisfy something being in your mouth and tummy.

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