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Why is this happening?


is going to do this!
Hey. What meal did you have at the weekend?
I know you may feel disheartened as some people have big losses in the first week, but on other diets you tend to lose on average 1-2 lbs a week, so it really isn't bad - it is still -2lbs that have gone and never have to come back if you stick to it!
If you look at some other sigs, there are people on here that had a few pounds of weight loss in the first week, and then much bigger losses in the second week, sometimes around 7-8 pounds.
Also, people with more weight to lose often lose more than those who don't. For example, I'm hoping for around -5lb lose, whilst others would expect above -10 as they have more to lose. Have you checked you are in ketosis?
People on CD normally lose an average of a stone a month, so I would stick with this at least another week to see what results you get.
Women's weight fluctuates a huge amount every month, by several pounds and sometimes up to half a stone, due to menstruation and water retention. Are you expecting your TOTM? This might have an effect on it.
I would stick with it a few more weeks to see what happens. A loss is still a loss, and I would be very surpised if you didn't lose more than 2 pounds next week :)


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Nope, not TOTM at all

On friday I had Cottage Cheese and celery 225g
Yesterday I had chicken and spinach 119g

All of which are fine on the SS+ plan.

For a diet as extreme as this, my weightloss is rediculous!!! Last week for instance I was active and nibbled a little and gained a pound and a half!!

I've had it!
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Please someone tell me why before I give up altogether!
Because your body's not a machine. Because although by rights, you should lose 3-4 pounds a week - and if you were a machine, you would - weight loss in human beings isn't linear. It doesn't come off in uniform chunks.

I know it isn't fair. I know you want to see more. And if you can get past this hump and keep going until next weigh in, you probably will see more.

First time round on Cambridge, my weight losses went something like this:

Week 1 - 11lbs off
Week 2 - 2 lbs off
Week 3 - 5lbs off
Week 4 - 1lb off
Week 5 - 3 pounds off
Week 6 - STS (argghh!)
Week 7 - 6 pounds off :D

That's just how it goes. It's all to do with shrinking fat cells and water retention and no doubt all sorts of weird and wonderful biological and chemical mechanisms.

2 lbs is a good loss. Next week's loss - if you can manage another 100% week (and that means no nibbling - do a SS+ day if you have to eat!) - will in all likelihood be a much better one.

Keep your chin up. I know it's hard - but try...
Penny I actually think a 2lb loss is good :)
How many weeks have you done it 100% - either SS+ or SS without cheating? If you are consistently doing that then the losses do tend to even out.

I've seen in peoples' sigs that it will say week 2 = 2lbs and then week 3 = 7lbs.
Not sure why it happens like that (I'm sure that someone more knowledgeable will know), but it does.
You're doing great sticking to it, so don't let this dishearten you x


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Well I feel great in myself and feel even better on SS. Do you think that adding ss+ at the weekend for two days may hamper my loss? Does anyone else do that? ~Do most of you stick to SS or ss+ and not change it???

Thanks guys - I so nearly threw my WII out the window! xx :-(
Hello Penny Jane,
You mention wanting to throw the Wii out the window - was it the Wii you were being weighed on? I ask because imho Wiis sometimes have an eccentric approach to measuring weight. I've got on the Wii before now, got off to e.g. take my sweatshrit off or open the window and the Wii has weighed me heavier when I got on again!
I love my Wii, but I don't always trust the little blighter :p

Good luck for all future losses,


(in case hubby reading this, I know it's not technically my Wii....)
Well I don't know about how others do it, but I would have thought that chopping and changing would mess with your head!
Personally I'd rather stick to one or the other. Surely you feel deprived Monday to Friday?
I bet you would cope just well on either! The losses on SS+ are not that much less than SS and doing SS doesn't make you more of a hardcore dieter!!! Good luck whatever you do x


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Oh dont give up Penny Jane. I know exactly how you feel, my friends on this forum can vouch for that. If I have a small can of salmon after a week's 100% I put 1/2lb on. Yes, it is unfair but really it is worth it. In a couple of months time, if you pack in now, I can GUARANTEE you will regret it. You cannot fail to lose weight if you stick in - please think about it before you do anything harsh. My losses are not (by my standards) good. Last time I did CD I lost 16lb in 2 weeks, I have not lost that in a month this time, but people in work are noticing my loss, even my boss mentioned it on Friday and you know what - I felt great. So, my advice would be to give it a couple of more weeks, I would maybe a month and see how much you lose. I bet it will give you an incentive to keep going.


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Oh dont give up Penny Jane. I know exactly how you feel, my friends on this forum can vouch for that. If I have a small can of salmon after a week's 100% I put 1/2lb on.
Yep. That'll be the salt making you retain water. It isn't real weight gain - that's impossible because there wouldn't be enough calories in a small can of salmon.

Something about this diet makes you incredibly sensitive to salt. That's why even if you stay in ketosis and eat tiny amounts of low carb foods, you can still apparently gain weight. But you aren't really gaining weight at all - it's water retention, every time. That's why you're not allowed to add salt to soups, etc. Not because it won't all balance out in the end - because it does - but because it can make the scales go up, send you off into a spiral of despair and make you fall off the wagon.

As you may have guessed, I've been there, done that. :) More than once.:rolleyes:

Hang in there, Penny. It does work - it will work - honest!!


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Hey Penny-Jane.
I am not sure what week you are on now.. or if this is a restart.. but I say 2 lbs is a pretty good loss.. I have now been doing ss for 12 weeks and some weeks I have lost 2 lbs.. but other weeks I have lost 5 pounds.. Our bodies work in funny ways.. I have been 100% the whole time and I have done the same near enough week to week.. so why is that then?

I just think if you stick to the diet whether it comes of 1 week or the next week it will come off and try not to get upset about it just carry on and it will come off!!

Hang in there this diet is fab...... x
ok - are we all gluttons for punishment??? I have to say that even though I've been 100% I do feel incredibly bloated! I'll continue in the hope that you're all right and will stick with SS rather than ss+.

It's all rather scary though!


can see the end in sight!
I lost 8.5 in my 3 rd month on cd but had lost nearly 3 stone in 2 months before that.. So I feel your pain. Keep going, it will come off! Good luck x
I wish I'd lost that amount!

wk 1 - 3lb
wk 2 & 3 - 8lb
wk4 +1 and a quarter
wk 5 -2

Will do my proper WI tomorrow as that is my scheduled WI day. Have stayed with SS today and been active in the garden and just been for an energetic walk.

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