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why isn't the atkins working for me

I started the Atkins on the 25th of February as I’d been gaining a lot of weight during uni. I didn't weight myself during the first 2 weeks but since then I’ve only lost 4 pounds I’m now 13.5 stone and want to lose another 2 stone, I’m goanna stick with it for another 3 months but can someone please tell me what i could be doing wrong? So I don’t spend 3 months crap about myself.
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Hi Star. Can you post up what you eat on a typical day, then we'd be better able to see if there are any obvious things.

Usual culprits are: not enough fat, too many carbs, artificial sweeteners, caffeine.
carb creep?

as above, and Hi and welcome.
hat i have on a typical day

On a typical day I would have-
Mornings - have 2 fried eggs with maybe a sausage
Afternoon- chicken breast with lettuce, cucumbers and full fat mayo
Evening- 2 pieces of salmon, chicken thighs or eggs, I’ve been doing this for a month.
I used to go to the gym but my uni exams are in 3 weeks time so I’ve been studying hard so I haven’t been for 2 weeks.
I’m thinking it’s down to not drinking enough, as i only drink about 6 glasses of water a day; I drink a lot of diet drinks.
Any suggestions would help thanks.
Diet drinks stop some people losing because of the citric acid and artificial sweeteners. Is there anything you eat that you forget to count - eg medicines (many contain loads of sugar) or milk in tea and coffee?
Drinking more water should help and is good for you generally - should help you concentrate better for your studying. best of luck with the exams.
Hmm. Diet drinks can stall many people.
Also be careful of sausages, a lot of them have a large amount of rusk content, so always read the label to check carbs, Sainsbury's frozen sausages for example have around 6.5 grams each, it doesnt seem like you are eating enough to cause a problem but something to be aware of.
Good point there mate. Yes Lidl do a range of very low carb sausages,only a couple of gm a pack.
What brand are they Jim, I've looked a few times, but not managed to get hold of them.
Think I'll be trying them Jim, good to know u can get low carb sausages!!
lmao at the sausage pics! An hour on the wii and I am off to Lidl!
No worries Jane. making me hungry just looking at them. :)

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