WHY ME? - Turkey....


biker babe!
Ok, ive had this holiday booked for AGES....been to Icmeler twice before an cant wait to go back to see freinds. Also taking my husband's cousin and her freind.....well supposed to be. (in 9 days time!)
Cousins freind has never been abroad before and now after the terrorist attack in Marmaris she is admant that she wont go. The rest of us are still going ( i hope) but we are only about 5 miles up the coast from where the bombs went off. im not at all worried, but i really wanted us all to go.

*throws herself down on the floor and proceeds to throw a tantrum, arms and legs flailing whilst colleagues look on in horror!*

how can i make her change her mind? ARGHHHHH
Why does it have to happen to me?

My take on all of this is that the UK is in the firing line and has been for some time for terrorist of various persuasions and I haven't move abroad :)

Why is it that other peoples terrorism seems so much much threatening than those against our very own shores? :confused:
keelie, don't really have any advice on how to get everyone going, but if there are people dropping out i'm free :) :) :) :) i love turkey and as ya know i'm only back from kusadasi!!!

was in kusadasi last year and about 4 weeks before we were due to go there was a bomb on a bus and an irish girl was killed, i think some british too. but i was a bit iffy about going for a day or so and then just said feck it sure we can't let people dictate how we live our lives no matter how crazy they are.

remind ur friend of the london bombings last year and sure everyone just had to carry on living or else the baddies have won!!!

i hope you get it sorted and sure you will have a ball anyway, ya lucky thing

Gen xx
im not going to let it ruin my holiday!
good for you... i want to hear all about it!!!

are you single Keelie?? just wondering if part of the reason you go is for the yummy turkish men... i'm drooling here thinking about them!!

Gen xx
no, im married. 1 year on Sunday!
going with hubby his cousin and her freind..if she stops being a wet lettuce and decides to go after all......