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Why oh Why...(food mentioned)


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...did I think it would be a good idea to buy a bread maker whilst on CD :confused::rolleyes:

I love baking but don't get the time to bake bread as often as I would like, so have been researching bread makers for some time. The plan was to buy one for weekday bread once I was maintaining and able to eat a slice or two a day.

Then we went to Costco on Saturday and saw the bread maker I had decided on for £20 cheaper than I'd seen anywhere else. I've now made a couple of loaves and it's fabulous - but I can't help nibbling. DH has just made a round of toast and asked if I minded buttering it and bringing it to him as he was playing with the children. Somewhere between the kitchen and the garden a couple of slices lost their corners and I'm sitting here cross with myself.

The same thing happened to a cheese cake last week...

Why don't I ever learn. For years I've been buying tubes of Pringles thinking that I will only have a small measured amount every day - and every time I eat the lot in one sitting! What is it that allows my brain to completely bypass lessons learned when it comes to food?

Right that's it - I'm going to be 100% now until my weigh in on Saturday as I didn't lose any weight last week due to social events (all planned in but still).

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Don't stress over it, it is always going to be hard when you live with people eating normally. You sound like you have kept it to tiny nibbles, so draw a line under it and be strict with yourself from now on. Could you possibly put the breadmaker away until you are in maintenance, and then bring it out.


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Please don't be too hard on yourself you are going straight back to being good well done

I nibbled the crispy bits off a roast potato yesterday , did I feel guilty? Hell no!!!!!

This diet is sooooooooo hardcore it's easy to slip every now and then



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S: 13st13.5lb C: 13st10.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.1 Loss: 0st3lb(1.53%)
Thanks both of you! I know the little bit of bread I had wasn't the end of the world but I'm just messing about on 810 at the moment and it's really annoying me. I've only managed 3 100% days in the past 2 weeks and it feels like I'm doing a mini version of yoyo dieting with a day of eating off plan and then a day of cutting back (SS+).

I've got my food planned out and water on the ready. Hopefully I'll have a good week now as I'm moving to 1000 on Saturday and I need to have my head in the right place for that.

I'm sure things will get easier once school starts again and we're back in our usual routine!

Thanks for putting it into perspective for me :D
G: 13st0lb

I bought a breadmaker from Makro last week as it was so cheap! Going to make some bread next week! Life goes on despite our dieting!

This weekend I had a bread roll, and really enjoyed it! I don't feel guilty! I am back on the diet now and more determined to reach goal but I needed to have something to keep me going. We are only human after all!

Thats the beauty of this diet, you will probably still lose loads this week!!

Life is there to be enjoyed!!


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Ah, the lure of freshly baked bread must be one of the most evocative smells going. Reminds me of being a child and my mother baking on a Saturday morning; Irish soda bread and another Irish loaf- think it was called a bracken.
But back to the point, don't worry about the little bit of nibbling that has occured Alli, forgive yourself and carry on as planned. You are so close to your desired weight, I bet you are looking and feeling great.
Good Luck getting to goal!
I did worse than you, I made my first loaf yesterday and hubby won't eat the nobby.......... oh and I put some butter and jam I'd made on it too!....was delicious!.............broke the no cheating on CD last week with one of the choc muffins I'd made for hubby............... today is difficult! I love baking but hubby doesn't eat it all fast enough :(


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bread is evil!!!!! Its official! lol :D

I'm such a keen cook/baker that i do find it hard to resist the food i make....but i give it away to friends/neighbours now! lol They LOVE me being on CD!!!

Bread machine has gone firmly to the back of the cupboard!!! Cant trust myself with it!


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