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Why SW?

Hi! I'm looking for some help trying to decide wether or not to join SW.
I'm 19 and a student and have never really been on a diet, just tried to cut down when i thought i should but over the past few months since i've been at uni and moved away from home i have got quite a bit bigger than i would like.
I just wanted to ask why you guys think SW is the way to go or any pluses and minuses before i shell out for classes or online membership.
Thank you!!
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Why Slimming World? The freedom. I can eat what I want to eat, following a few basic rules. I can eat as much as I like (until I'm full) of so much food.

As I put it once - "little measuring, little counting, and plenty of free foods".

It truly is that - they've taken the hard work out of calorie counting, and such forth.

That, plus the support is just fantastic. I've completed my weight loss journey - but without the people in group, and in places like this - I'd never have gotten there. I've been privleaged to meet other members from other groups and have yet to find anyone - in real life or online - that I wouldn't want to get to know more and call a friend.

Walking through the doors of my local Slimming World group 23 months ago was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. I only wish I had made it sooner.

Glad you asked as I was wondering about joining either SW or WW I've done pretty well on my own so far but recently I have started having the same foods over and over because I know they are "safe" ie low cal/fat, only down side is I often work until 9/10pm 5-6 days a week starting at 9am(working from home sitting on my bum got me to gain weight in the first place) so would find going to classes difficult and wondered if doing it online is as good?
Thank you so much guys i'm getting kind of excited to try it :)

Welsh Cake, that's what i was wondering too about SW vs WW and class vs online. From what i can gather, WW seems to leave some people hungry and be more restricting in some ways, but i'm not sure how i would manage eating out/takeaways on SW (cheap chinese buffets are my typical student downfall!)
You've lost so much already congratulations! I know what you mean, soups/shakes would just seem like such a sorry thing to be living off in winter when it's cold and you want some comfort. Here's hoping we can choose what to follow :)
sw works and ww works u just have to look at what one will suit your lifestyle best for me it was sw as it fits into family life everyone eats and enjoys all meals that i cook :)
silly sausage said:
Hi Sarah


It works.
You will never be hungry.
Great variety of food.
It is healthy.
Nothing is banned.
It fits into normal life.
You can do the plan forever.
The food can be inexpensive.
The plan is very flexible to fit in with socialising.


Can't think of any.
I LOVE this post- and will rep it when I am not posting from the phone app :D Sums the plan up beautifully!!

If you cannot make a group then doing it online can be just as good, because you have access to all the information 24 hours a day, and used in combination with this site for actual support from real people doing it too, you will have everything other than the WI you would get from going to a group- so do invest in a reliable make of home scales and put them somewhere you won't move them but where you won't want to get on them every day because your weight can fluctuate by the day and once a week is sufficient to measure how you are doing.

Either WW or SW will work for you PROVIDED that you are focussed and follow the plan correctly. Good luck!


Starting Again!
Everyone who knows me on here knows how much I love SW and I used to bad mouth other diets quite a lot; partly down to ignorance, partly down to just being a twit.

I love slimming world, I like the freedom of it. In my limited knowledge of WW I think they work on portion control first and healthy eating second (I recall someone saying a chocolate bar was similar points to an apple or something - I may be wrong) and with SW it's healthy eating first, portion control second. Either way, both are great for us, as they've come up with clever ways of reducing calorie intake without us noticing.

As for eating out, I find it quite easy with SW. Chinese for example Chicken Chop Suey with Noodles is 5.5syns, boilded rice is free, boiled noodles are free, Beef Chow Mein is 8.5 syns. So you can definately still hit the buffet! Even the chippy isn't awful, fish cake is 7syns, Haddock in batter is 9syns. So on and so forth.

I used to go it alone, but I would always recommend going to group, even if it's just the first week, that way you can get all the books and up to date information and have your questions answered by someone who's trained.

It's down to person preference at the end of the day and all eating plans require willpower! Good luck in chosing.

Hope this helps,
Natt x
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First rule is " you have to want to do it and be prepared to stick with it ". It is no good approaching any diet with a half hearted attitude.

Everyone on here that has lost weight has stuck with their plan be it any one of the many diets featured on this site.

For me my chosen way of eating, SW, has worked fantastically and I rarely feel deprived of anything.

As a student you should be able to follow the plan easily.

Good luck whichever one you decide to do.
Oh oki, my bad - like I said I have very limited knowledge just bits I've heard from here and there. :eek:

Maybe you could fill me in?

Natt x
The current WW plan (which changes on Sunday) focusses very much on healthy eating and using your points sensibly for filling foods. It also actively encourages cooking from scratch, and although there is a massive range of WW products they discourage you from making them part of your day to day points allowance.

Apples are only around 0.5/1 point whereas a bar of chocolate will be around 3 and upwards.

Saying that fruit becomes free on the new plan :)

The fundamental rules of WW and SW are very similar but obviously the differences are the way theyre executed. :)
Thanks guys! It's great to hear from people who have had success with the plan.

I've checked on the website and i wouldn't be able to make the nearest meeting to me as it's across the city from where i'm at uni and i couldn't get there in time so i might look around for a website free trial or something and see if i can take advantage of that :)


Plodding on.......
I totally agree with Silly Sausages. I have never done SW before and am finding it fantastic. I don't feel deprived and can eat big meals, I just have to think about what I'm going to have to eat in advance. I don't have to weigh food (which I don't mind that much but it's just a bit hassly). I have started cooking for myself which I never really did much in the past but have plenty of support from here or the website. It is fine for eating out although you again you will have to plan in advance (by checking what you can manage within your own personal allowance and choices) and is flexible enough to allow you to eat anything you want to, just in moderation.

I am doing Body Optimise online and it works for me (although I am thinking of going to class). It gives me access to loads of recipes/tips etc and prompts me to weigh in every week. I'm not sure that I would have been able to do it as successfully without that prompt (as stupid as that sounds).

I have lost almost 2 and a half stone and I started in mid August (I know I have quite a lot to lose but I still think it's quite good !). I haven't done much exercise, although I plan to start which will hopefully help my weight loss.

At the end of the day, I suspect that you will lose weight whatever plan you follow as long as you stick to it. I just love the flexibility and big portions that SW allows me.

Good luck whatever you choose.

Gail x
I couldnt afford to go to groups or to join online so i cheated slightly. Went onto ebay and some people have photocopied their packs they got at group, and sell them for about 3.99. Got them and it told me everything i needed to know (free foods, superfree, syns values etc) and then i joined this forum and the ladies and gents are fab at helping if you have any questions.

I did weight watchers after having my daughter and lost 2 stone so it does work BUT i found it very restrictive. However i do hear they have a new plan out which sounds better and i know a lot of ppl that rave about it. However slimming world has been my saviour. Ive lost 20lbs in 8 weeks and im not hungry...it just taught me to THINK about what i was eating and change little things. I can still have a curry...i just make it the slimming world way. I can still have a fry up...i just make it the slimming world way. And it lets me embrace my love of fruit :)

Good luck on whatever you choose xxx
20lb in 8 weeks?! oh my goodness that's amazing, congratulations!
I've actually been browsing ebay for the books haha some are really cheap!
I'm wondering if i should just get by on that, the magazine and of course all the lovely people in this forum, and then maybe if they introduce a really good value offer of joining classes or website after Christmas when the rush is on, i could join then.

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