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is the damn scale not moving???? I am so frustrated! I feel like I am doing something wrong- and perhaps I am. I have cheese and cream on a daily basis which I am going to reduce starting today. But it is just sooooo annoying! I really feel like breaking something today... Every morning i wake up with the same ray of hope that I will get on the scales and see a loss- but no every day the scales stay stuck on the exact same number- 83.3 kg. And the really annoying thing is that I am still in ketosis- i have checked with the sticks and my breath tastes really metally.
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Call me Linzi...
If you cut it out for a week, see how that affects your weightloss & then try & re-introduce it... make just shake it up a bit?? Atkins does only recommend 4 oz of cheese per day, thats not much really.

I'm also in the middle of a stall & am trying to leave out some things plus also check that I'm not carb creeping too.

It will move sometimes you just have to give it a bit of a shake up first. x
Will do hun- thanks for letting me know

Today I will have tuna with egg and mayo for lunch and a salad

and fried chicken for supper with some lettuce

do you think this is ok?
Watch the cheese, it does stall lots of people. I rely on it because I am vegetarian but I, too, need to limit it.

If you are having dairy as well, for example, cream in tea/coffee, then you need to add that to the total of 4oz per day MAXIMUM.

I would try to at least halve the amount of dairy you eat. If that doesn't work limit yourself to 1oz cheese/dairy per day and see how you go.

You want to lose weight as well as eat tasty food in moderate amounts. If cheese is gonna be a problem you might just have to accept that. I tend to have it every other day now. You may need to cut back to three days a week. A small price to pay for such a wonderful way of eating!

All the best x
I always read it as 4Oz of dairy produce a day. I have a problem with cheese, if I want to gain weight, which I do need to do sometimes, I just eat a lot of cheese and then I put on weight.
Oh Wow- you guys are lifesavers. I haven't had cheese for a couple of days and I have started losing(slowly!) again!!! Thank you so much everyone I don't know what I would do without you!xxxxxx

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