WI week 7 and a question about mix2max


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Grrrrrrr!! Not a happy camper this week. I lost 1 pound this week to match the 1 pound I lost last week!

I know I know, it's a pound off... BUT I've been on the plan 100% not cheated, don't pig out after WI etc... so at 1 pound a week it's going to take me forver to lose my weight.

I'm going to try mix2max this week hoping it will give me a boost. I don't normally do green days because I'm not keen on the free foods, but I can manage the odd green meal now and then. Has anyone else done mix2max and how does the weight loss compare?
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Mix to max is great - I do this all the time now. I don't think it makes any difference to weight loss rate (that would be success express) but it certainly adds a bit more variety and has stopped me getting fed up.


That's the trouble with only being able to do one plan (green in my case) can't do mix to max, but there ya go lol.. xx


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I have found that eating chilli in my food has really helped. I lost 4lbs last week and 2lbs this week. I have all red days, and make a keema curry which is really filling and I make it with 2 green chillis (they are not that hot) and it's really given me a boost!


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ooh I eat loads of chillies in stuff...I hope my loss is as good as yours Sarah!

I don't have anything to add about mix2match sorry - I am still getting my head round it all before I give it a go. But I just wanted to say, 1lb is still 1lb, as you know! So well done. It's the right direction! :)


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I do mix 2 max so that I can have my baked pot and beans and cheese for dinner but can have say gammon and egg with dh when he gets home.
You can only eat sin free food for red and green days inbetween meals though like yogurts and fruit.
I lost 2lb last week doing it
Rach xx