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wierd cravings?

No, me too! In about my ninth week, all I wanted was lettuce and a crunchy pepper. I actually like peppers but hate lettuce so haven't a clue where that came from ... I just hope it lasts. On the other hand, I don't crave things I thought I would. I never thought I would be able to give up my cup of tea (I used to have about 10 cups a day) but don't miss it at all. As you say, weird!
Since a young age fish has absolutely revolted me.. now I'm craving it like crazy!! And MASH of all things, I have banned my mother from cooking it while I'm on this diet haha, i will crack
Salt............ its usually what knocks me off the lipotrim.

Jessie888, your weight loss is amazing!
I think it's your palate starting to cleanse and make way for all the healthy food you're going to eat after TFR.
Jesse.....WOW on the weightloss


No longer a redhead though!
Jesse, love the way you show your smilies with your lbs lost! Brilliant. Also what I think is really good for others to see on here is the steady 3-4lbs that you lost after the initial 11lbs.

I tended to lose 4lbs a week and so was pleased with that and didn't get disappointed when I constantly read others were losing 5-6-7 lbs a week.

Well done you x

p.s. off to add smilie faces to my signature! :)
Yep - every pound is worth celebrating!

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