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Wii Fit Age


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I'm 37 and my Wii Fit age usually hovers around the 32 mark. But if I don't use it for a while then it's prone to hit the forties!


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My oldest has been 68 :eek: I'm 59! It's always the same test that catches me out. I have been 32 tho.
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I've been using the wii fit for about a week now and my age has bounced between 23 and 45... I'm 32! It seems to be wildly different each time I try it. Hoping it will level off soon!


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some of them catch me out too! once i was 50 and i'm 21! LOL today i got 20 so was happy! :D i always skip it though only do it for balance and weighing part oops!


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I use the wii fit age thing as a bit of a laugh. my brother in law is mr fit and active man. plays footie, refs, runs miles everyday and is really really fit and his age came in at 65 and he is only 40.


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my real age is 21 and my wii fit one is 20 :) its told me im 39 before, i get caught out by one of the balance tests when the walls come in lol xx


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I'm nearly 39 and my Wii fit age is 30 :D


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Some of them i don't get though when it tells you how to do it i'm like what!?!?! ... then by the time i realise what to do it's over... and i haven't got past round one let alone five! :D


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I was at 20 this morning, im 25 :) lol It has known to hit the 40's though

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