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Wii Fit Scales?

Anyone else find the Wii Fit scales really wrong? I started using it again 2 weeks ago, from Saturday to Sunday it said that I had put on half a pound, but at my weigh in last week I had lost 2 pounds. And then yesterday it said that I had put on another pound, yet tonight I *lost* half a pound - I even got my half stone award :D

Anyone else have this problem with their Wii Fit? Or is mine just gubbed?! On the plus side I did 45 min of exercise yesterday and my calves are aching today!
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I found that my scales and my Wii fit scales never matched, but the difference between them was accurate to within half a pound (assuming both were always positioned in the same place and on the same surface each time you weighed).

That is to say that your Wii fir scales may be wrong by 2lb in terms of weight, but they should accurately reflect your gain/loss each week.

And if not good chance they are just knackered for some reason imo
Mine are pretty accurate! :) nli 0.5-1lb out! Caught the exercise bug again and informed me id lost a stone since i last went on it (245 days ago) and i was now overwieght on their bmi not obese (get in!) and i had a wii fit age of 24 n im 23 from 50 something! I no its just a fun way of exercising but that made my day :) xx
Mine was always right untill yesterday! I got in them n they said I'd lost 9lb! I thought wow that speed soup really works! N then I got back on to weigh my son! It said they have noticed a difference of 4lb! So it made him 2 stone!! I thought that Summat was wrong so I got back on to weigh myself again n I'd put 4lbs back on in the space of 5 mins!! Lol so never rely in them I say!! It's weigh in tonight so hopefully I will have lost at least 1.5lb to get my 2 stone!!

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Are you using them on carpet or flooring? Carpet can make them less reliable, unless you have a VERY short pile.
when i was seventeen stone they told me i was sixteen. now im eleven and a half they telling me im twelve. theyve never been right. dont look now when i go on.
Mine have always been close but not something I rely on to tell me my real weight....they are pretty good at corresponding with gain and loss though but then I use it on a hard floor and in the same place every time ;)
mine are always spot on and agree perfectly with my bathroom scales.

You CANNOT use them on a carpet or on a rug. You have to use them on a very even piece of hard floor. Same place every time and stand stock still when they weigh you. once i leaned to the side as my daughter was handing me something and it told me i had gained 10lbs! Thankfully i weighed myself again (properly) before i reached for the vodka haha xxx

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