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Wii fit?


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I think as long as you are moving it helps, but in my experience diet is 90% of the equation.
the x box kinect is much better because you dont use controllers as you are the controller.so you dont have to hold anything.it has much more fun games as well.


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I love my Wii Fit... (Plus, if that makes any difference). I've only just started using it so I can work out every day and I was surprised that I actually "felt" the work out. The problem if that's your only exercise is that you can create a "routine" but its only yoga, muscle strengthening, and balance. If you want aerobics, you have to pick a particular game and the up the minutes to make it worthwhile for a sweat. Regardless, I love it and do it every morning - even a bit on days when I'm going to the gym!

Exercise ALWAYS helps when losing weight and it makes you feel much better. Good luck!!


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Oh I like that the Wii Fit weighs you and does your BMI and checks progress, in that regards it is helpful.


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Wii Fit is pretty fun and if you're the geeky kind like me it gives you everything totted up and put onto graphs and the like which helps keep you motivated. But the woman telling me my posture is bad all the time annoys me. I argue back but she never listens.


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Hurrah my hubby has ordered the board for me! Looking forward to it


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You won't regret it. As well as being a decent way to get some exercise, it's also pretty fun too. Especially when you add on the fact that there's a few other games that can use it too. Including a survival horror game later this year I read about which looks intriguing.
I love mine, the jogging is great as it's something I'd currently feel too self conscious to do outside in full view of people! As others have said I love the grsphs too, good for motivation! :) xxx


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I have my wii fit now. My little character is fat too :( Anyway it is fun. My graph has already started going down. Apparently I am 9 years older than my actual age. The stepping is really fun and I did it quite a few times and felt my heart beat raise so it must be doing some good
Oh yes the joy of watching your mee swell up like a balloon on your weigh in! And all the kids finding it hilarious! What a great Xmas that was haha I do like my wii fit but it's not sweatmaking enough these days so I just use it on non gym days x

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I agree..i have a wii and various fitness games, and the dance games. The dance games make me out of breath but i don't feel them doing anything as such. i use my fitness coach,mainly on the cardio. as much as i'm not keen on exercise,i like to feel something is working.

Theres a wii exercsie thread in the fitness section.


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I love using my Wii fit. Some of the aerobic stuff can really get the heart going. I have to be honest and say that it's only as good as the energy you put in though. The more you put in the more you get out :)


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My wii fit is the most expencive set of scales ive ever bought, i have tried the excersizes but didnt like them so just use it as a set of scales, the bmi thing is useful too

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