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Wii fit

ooooo i want one, i want one. overspent a bit this month so will have to wait at least til next pay day. am dying to hear how they are though - they are meant to be brill. let us all know. julia xx


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my sis got one today,,i cant wait to hear how it went


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My daughter bought one on Friday and I had a go on it. It weighs you and calculates your BMI and advises you about losing weight and you can set targets on it. I didn't do much on it, but I'm looking forward to using it again. She's left it at her dad's so I'll have to wait until it comes here (probably when the building work is done)


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I got Wii Fit when it came on.. hehe.. i was even sad enough to go pick it up at midnght.. lol..

I LOVE IT.. Since starting using it on friday.. ive lost 4lbs apparently.. basically this is what it does..

Yoga - Helps us with different yoga positions.. you get a "trainer" who explains exactly how to do the positions.. how it will help you.. how if benefits you.. etc.

Muscle work - Press ups, that kind of thing.. It can tell if you're doing it right.. if you're burning calories effecently.. also with a trainer..

Aerobic - games.. and i am in love with the Step game.. Its faaaaantastic.. ive spent an hour onit today.. just doing the step game over and over.. lol.. theres also other things.. like jogging.. which you put the wiimote in your pocket or in your hand.. and jog around your living room floor.. it tells you if your going to slow or too fast.. and helps you maintain the correct speed for maximum calorie burn.. (also a lot more games to unlock for me)

and finally..

Balance - Also games.. It explains why we need good balance.. to improve our posture.. which in turn can help our metabolism.. and obv burn calories.. i had appauling posture (apparently) before i started. and bit by bit its getting better.. Theres a football game on this.. a tight rope game.. a little ball game.. skiing.. and ski jumping.. (more to unlock)

With the basic bit.. there is an age checker.. (might not be the most accurate thing. but it is good.. ) it checks your weight.. and your BMI.. and allows you set mini goals for yourself within two weeks.. for example.. i set myself 8lbs in 2 weeks..

Also i was paranoid about people going on and looking at my weight.. lol.. (and rightly so).. BUT.. and i think this is amazing.. it comes with a little password system.. so that when you log onto your "MII".. no one else can access it without you letting them..

Hope this is helped a "wii" bit..

x x x x x


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My boyf just got one for us today. It is really good actually!
We're both quite competitive though...not sure if that will be a good or bad thing!!
I have been playing on my wii fit, and it is great!! hope it pays off!! activities start a bit slow and was a bit dissapointed but then i soon realised the more you exercise on it the harder it gets!!

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hey just to join the chat, i have just got my wii fit and i love it!!!!!!! :party0011:

i only on day 1 but this is so much better than the gym and it fun.... I got afright though my wii age thing was 39!!! and i only 26 ( ok well 27 but not quite acepted that yet) so i gonna be hula hooping my a** fit !!

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