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Wii Fit

i use wii fit, had a party last night, its fun but can get a bit boring like any exercise, I have changed to rayman raviing rabbids tv party, which is very funny and really gets your heart going with loads of fun games and dancing....the good thing a bout wii, is you can do it not matter what the weather...
I think any exercise is better than none - and if that is Wii fit, then go for it !

anything that gets our bodies moving can only be good for us :)

Debz x


yo-yo dieter no more!
I don't know how much differnce it makes,but I'm sure it must make some! I try and go on it most days,for between 20 and 40 minutes, I don't come off feeling like I've been to the gym,but it's 20-40 minutes that I would normally have spent sat on my bum, so I must be burning a bit more fat than normal!!
I've only really being doing it for the last couple of weeks, but I would think it has to speed up weight loss a little........and it's quite fun!!
The Wii Fit weight is just a generalisation and shouldnt be taken insteas of the usual weigh in. Dont forget you are weighing on carpet!
I use mine quite regularly, I concentrate on things such as my posture rather than if the exercise is doing me any good.
I sweat, it gets my heart racing, so it must be doing some good! Its fun and I enjoy it and that the main thing!


yo-yo dieter no more!
No, if you go straight on to training instead of body test, it won't show your weight to others!
It's only on the body test part of it that you get weighed. Hope that helps.

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