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Wii games


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Just Dance 2 is great, and there's a mode called Just Sweat which is a quite intensive workout if you do it every day (fun too, great for parties!). You will need a little bit of space cleared to do the dance moves properly though so might not be the best if you only have a small living room.
wii sport is fun, good for playing in teams or family and gets you active ;)

failing that there are dance games such as just dance to get you on your feet,
and theres also wii fit and wii fit pus (definately worth investing to get a balance board.)

hope this helps xx


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Yeah I have wii fit, but it's all very yoga I want to get a sweat on think I may go for the just dance that sounds like fun!
Zumba as a game sounds interesting!
Thanks guys!
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play.com has some of the my fitness coach games 2 for £20 and they have some good ratings. I just ordered the dance and aerobic cardio ones which look good at making you sweat!! x


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Just Dance is definitely good for getting a sweat on. I also use EA Active Sports 2. This game comes with a heart rate monitor, leg sensor and a resistance band. You can choose to do a 3 week introduction programme or do a 9 week programme. You are asked to work out 4 times a week with the workouts lasting around 30mins. The workouts include warm up, cardio, resistance training and a cool down. You can also create your own workouts. I do the 9 week programme and after I have done the required workout I do half an hour of step with my wii balance board. This is the best fitness game I have had for the wii. Wii fit wasn't intense enough for me and I never got my heart rate up.


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Thanks everyone think I'll get the just dance 2 if I can find it in stock anywhere!


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Sorry a bit late but I just bought the biggest loser game and it's amazing! All different types of activity (cardio, circuits, yoga, box fit) and 5 different intensities. Really gets a sweat on and well worth the tenner it cost me from amazon!!
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The wii fit is amazing you can make a program suitted to you and target areas it also shows how many calories you've burnt off during each exercise and Zumba its coming for the wii 4th march i have it for the xbox and it really gets you moving
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ChampRossi2010 said:
Tell me more xxx I go to zumba on a tuesday and i love it. I didnt even know there was a zumba game.

Many Thanks in advance

Helen xx
It comes out next week. You get a belt to put the remote in to measure your movements! Have a look on amazon there's a video of it x
I use the EA sport active & more active. I find i work up more of a sweat with those than the wii fit games.

The Just Dance games are brill too, as is the Michael Jackson experience.

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