Yup, so that I can play Zelda Twilight Princess. I've been looking forward to it for far too long!
Did you get you're Wii's yet Girls?

Guess maybe you did and have a new addiction now and minimins will be on the back boiler.

If you do drop by and have your Wii's let us know what you think as we aare trying to get hold on one for our boys for Crimbo. Fingers crossed!

Dizzy x
I DID GET MY WII.... :):):)
I've had it on pre-order since October- you have to preorder nowadays or there's no chance of getting one unless you pay looooooads

OMG... I love my nintendo Wii!!!!

Wiiiii Wish You A Merry Christmas :):):):)

A gaming experince like no other!
We have ordered one from PC World about a month ago. We have no idea if it is coming before Xmas. It's for my three boys from Santa so we are c***ing it!

It's the only thing that all three want!

To many people have bought them to sell on ebay I love ebay but it has a lot to answer for!

Dizzy x