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will i still lose weight

hey everyone, i have tried to stick to lighter life 100% but i cant... its just not for me. i have about 50 lighter life food packs left... if i had a food pack for my breakfast & lunch, had a healthy dinner, mainly protein, did my 10000 steps per day and went to curves 3 times per week, could i still lose weight? i'd be happy with 2 lb's per week... please help x
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It is likely that you would still lose weight as your calorific intake would be lower than the 2,000 you require.

You would however find it much harder as without ketosis you will have your usual hunger pangs.

It is pretty much all or nothing with this diet and I do not recommend you doing what you plan.


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If you can't stick to soul sourcing then it might be a good idea to do CD on a higher plan that involves food as well as packs.
I don't think it is a good idea to try and go it alone using some packs and some food you need to make sure it is well balanced otherwise you are going to make yourself ill.


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Yeah I would agree with Alibongo. The packs are scientifically worked out so we get exactly all the nutrition our body needs. Without all foodpacks and just one meal, you may not get everything your body needs, LL wasn't designed to be worked like that. Maybe would be better to do something like slimfast if that's the sort of thing you'd like to do. Or WW or SW as they can have result of 2lb a week or so if stuck to correctly. I always think it's better to do a diet the way it was designed to do. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. x


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Hi in trouble,

How long have you been on LL? Have you been working hard on the CBT & TA stuff?

The best option would be to completely switch to CD and find yourself a CBT counsellor! My GP practice started a weight loss programme with CBT, for free and without referral, so it might also be available where you live.

I have another suggestion, but it means breaking the the LL rules... If I were you and really, really could not stick with the foodpacks... I'd still stick with LL for the CBT etc., but follow one of the CD steps on cambridge six steps to losing weight

With this option you'd need to decide whether to tell your LLC and the others in your group. It certainly wouldn't be fair to them. If you decided to go for this suggestion, I wouldn't tell the others as you might ruin THEIR weight loss journey.

Good luck with whatever you choose to do!


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Just gone through some of your other posts and read that the hardest time for you is the evening. I often struggle in the evening, but I find that I can do it if I make myself a couple of pints of sweetened tea or the savoury drink - and keep drinking until I'm too full to eat anything! This way you may be drinking more savoury drink than recommended, but it's a thousand times better than having unplanned food!

Also, I'd strongly recommend you sort out your mind too - it sounds like you could do with some motivational techniques and could probably do with understanding why you're resisting losing weight (you wouldn't be the only one here if that's the case...). Try some good diet books too - check out this thread for some advice.

And remember - YOU CAN DO IT!


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Yeah - its only like doing Slimfast - but will be easier becuase there's less carbs in our LL packs. Its a bit like what you do in RTM - cut down the packs and increase the food. I'm on two packs a day with one meal and snacks - so you could do similar! As you can see, I'm still losing weight in RTM.


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CD is alot cheaper, I think that it's about £35 a month. (Sure someone will come on and give you the exact price)
Would you concider doing that and paying for a CBT councellor on top? The thing with CD is that you can eat from a list of allowed foods, so could do that in the evenings.
During the first stage of RTM you have 3 packs a day and one meal. However, this is steadily increased. I am not sure it would be good long term. I agree that one of the plans on CD might be better as it would appear to be exactly what you are looking for.

On a separate note, I am getting married at end of June and thinking of doing LL for a short time before the wedding just to get rid of the pounds that have crept back on (I did LL nearly two years ago) and would be interested in buying your packs if you did want to go onto CD and no longer needed packs. Wouldn't be a big waste of money then.