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Will you please welcome me home?

Hiya all

I decided it's time to come back home! I haven't been gone long, but I tried WW and it worked.............. but verrrrrrrrrryyyyy slowly! I'm not one of these people who can hang around for ages, so I decided to come back to good old Cambridge to get rid of the rest of my weight!

Sorry for doubting you, and I hope you can forgive me xxxx :wave_cry:
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Welcome back hun, I tried so many diets and found myself giving up after a week, this is the only diet that I have stuck to for this long and it just works for me, am sure everyone has a diet that works for them so, not trying to put down any of them but am glad you've decided to come back to CD. Good luck this time round, if you feel like giving in, just come back on here for a chat, people here are absolutely great and they lift your sprits up in a flash!
Ahhhhh thanks Cheryl & Zpacey

I know it's not going to be easy, but I've been looking forward to it.

Had my first shake this morning and really enjoyed the taste of it again, so fingers crossed the rest will taste as good! It's just a case of getting into the right sort of frame of mind! And I am in that at the moment - so fingers crossed!

When you come back onto the CD after being away for a little while, does the weight still come off as fast as it did before?

I've got about 10kg's to lose............ I haven't a clue what that is in lb's as my ticker seems to be in kg's which doesn't really help either! Heheeheheheh!
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welcome back hun,im like you ww is good but the weight losses come of slower,even tho i am close to ww goal i wanna loose a bit more as still over weight as they say :)


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Hiya! Welcome back!

When you come back onto the CD after being away for a little while, does the weight still come off as fast as it did before?
That'll depend on whether you came straight off WW or were off diets altogether, LOL. If you weren't dieting, the weight losses will be pretty good, like the first time around, but if you were, the water weight will have already come off, so you can expect 3 to 4 pounds a week, depending on how much you've got to lose. At least, that's been my experience of it!

Good luck, hun!
Thanks very much for all this, and it looks like it's going in the right direction, 5 lbs in the first day! Horrrrrrrrrrrah! And you know what the strangest thing is? I feel great!
Hiya Gem

I try and drink about 4 litres a day, but it all depends on how thirsty I am. I didn't have any problems drinking it at all yesterday, but thats probably because I had to flush so much rubbish out! I just hope it continues to be fast, but I would imagine that most of that 5 lbs is just water........... but we'll see!

When do you start then Gem? Or have you already started?

Not too bad - thanks very much for asking!

I lost another couple of pounds today, but again I think it's just the water.

I can understand why people find it so difficult coming back on the CD - it's not as easy the second time round, but I AM going to do it!! If I can lose another stone I think I'll be very happy and go back onto WW again. The move over to it wasn't too painful, and once you get your head around eating food again - it's actually quite easy.

What about you? Are you doing SS? Are you finding it anymore difficult this time?

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