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hi all im 4 weeks into this diet and doing really well and very pleased with myself but thease last few days i have had really bad wind tummy ache gurgling etc has anyone else suffered from this on the diet think my body is getting used to fruit and veg and im thinking maybe i dont get on with bananas?????????????????????????????? thanks jo x:sigh:
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I've been on this "diet" nearly 3 years, and much to my OH's displeasure, I still have wind!!!

It's all the fruit, veg and pulses and is something we just have to put up with to stay slim!!
Hi i had that last week in my 3rd week for about 4 days. I think it is the body adjusting to all the new healthy foods.

Bananas definately don't agree with me i can be constipated and have tummy ache for 2 or more days after eating a banana especially if it is not fully ripe. So i only eat them now when they are really soft and overipe.

I'm sure i read somewhere a few years ago it takes up to 48 hours to digest a banana.
Last couple of weeks I have had the same problem. Hoping it will pass over time. Trying to stay clear of beans for the time being - will be like throwing petrol on a fire :D


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I had the stomach gurgling ache last time i was on slimming world and discovered it was because the first thing i ate everyday was vegetables! It made me feel quite ill but once i started eating something before my veges i was fine and went back to normal wind and movement gurgles lol
thanks for the reply guys i was starting to feel bit down about it , im naturally a windy person anyway but today it seemed to be hurting when i breathed in and after a swig of gaviscon i was burping like a man lol xxxxxxx oh well slim and windy it is then x ps im staying off the bananas for now lol xxxx does anyone know another food the is good for you but has potassium in ???? thanks so much again i feel a bit normal now xx BURPPPPPPPPPPPP
thanks pesty xx
pesty just noticed are stats are very similar lol xxxx
I have also suffered the same since on SW. I have found it seems to be worse on Green days, gets quite bad ( and constipation , sorry) if I have more than 3-4 green days in a row.
On red days, it's nothing as bad, if not, non existent.
I eat Activia fat free yogurt every day (they're free food), and they really help with wind ans bloating. They may take a few days to work but I've been eating them for a year now and don't suffer with wind or bloating at all now.


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So eternity, it's all about your good bacteria!!


Fighting the bulge
pesty just noticed are stats are very similar lol xxxx
Only just read your reply, they are very similar arent they!! lol Although you seem to be losing quicker than me!

Ive been suffering really bad the last few days with pains in my stomach and wind Ive been eating activia for a week, the pots say it helps based on having 2 a day so im going to try that for a week, ive also had 75g prunes for a hexb and grapes have all really helped!


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