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Wish me luck :)


Here we go again!
Don't be nervous Chels, you will be fine. How exciting for you. Just be yourself and they can't fail to love you. Good luck and I look forward to reading later how you've got on.
Good Luck Chelly

I know starting a new job can be daunting, but how can they not like you??
Looking at your pics you are lovely, your posts are funny and inspiring as well as supportive, so if you are like that in the work place you'll be absolutely fine.
Go girl...power to your elbow. :superwoman: Knock 'em dead!!


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I know how you feel , all you have to remember is that we have all been there and just be you , be hyper be funny but you will be fine !


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Chels they can't not like you and if they do it's their loss!!

You dont need good luck cuz you will do fine :hug99: xx


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Hi chelly, congratulations on the new job, hope you have a great first day. They are lucky to have you. Take care.
Hi Chels, don't worry. I'm sure your bubbly personality will lift any atmosphere in any workplace....they'll LOVE you!!!


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Best of Luck. You'll be great.


I will be skinny again!!!
Thank you all :)

It went ok :)

I wasnt the only person new to that building (but the others starting with me had all been in the civil service for a while)

I wasnt put on the phones thank goddness!

Although still no quite sure what i will be doing lol! was told I would be support, and then I was put into the finance department to train with the finance officer.. who continusly said that she was training me up to take over her job and she was getting put on the phones which she didnt want..

So I felt super duper bad!! lol!!

Got out at half three, and didnt really do much training but will see how tomorrow goes :)


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sounds good chels - glad it went ok for you :D x

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