WK2 WI.... WHY ME?


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dont be upset hunny, you dont have that much to lose so that could be the reason. what is your bmi? im sure you will lose next week :)

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Don't be blue! It will come off, I bet next weeks result will be fab!


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My cdc said not to worry and i will most def show an extra loss next wk.
I just find it so demotivating though. The wi results have really made me feel like runnin to food and stuffin my face. But Im willing to give it another wk and see the results. Dont know how long i can go strong. :wave_cry:


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Oh hunny...thats crippling...but - what do them blinking scales know anyway? :eek:

You have stuck to the diet all week hun - thats superb...stick with it & prove those scales wrong...

If TOTM is approaching you probably have water retention ...but whatever the answer is you can bet it'll only be temporary...the weight is coming off ...:)

Stay strong babes! ;)

debs xx


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Hey Supermummy - don't give up ! I bet you have lost inches, even if it is not showing on the scales this week. My friend who introduced me to CD had a week where she appeared to have lost nothing on the scales - but overall she lost 2 stone in 8 weeks.

Big hug xxx


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thanx everybody for ur kind words. havnt been visiting this site as much as i normally do. somehow still managing to stick to cd, but i do struggle at times. lets see what happens. x


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l can understand you being upset this is a very tough diet but please stick with it the results are amazing take it a day at a time you will see a great result next week :)


nearly there!! :)
it must be so hard seeing that on the scales hunni and u are doing so well by not giving in which it would be so easy to do on a week like that....but thats exactlw what u are doing ur proving it wrong and showing ur motivation in ur self, i hope u have an amazing loss this week to make up for it, sending hugs hunni xxxx