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Hello daily threaders

We will banish the wobbley bits and CD will help us!

Good morning to all, wishing you a pleasant day.

Looking forward to an evening out, another seasonally inspired ballet, Les Patineurs - the skaters, and The Tales of Beatrix Potter. I just have to behave myself in the restaurant beforehand.

Unfotunately I do feel hungry at times, I wonder if its the cold weather ...but the benefit of dieting down now will be the joys of enjoying a slim summer, can't wait! :character00238:

Good Luck Everybody x
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Going for Goal!
Hi everyone!

Bling - I'm so jealous!!! Enjoy your fabby evening hun :)

NumNums - enjoy your last meal hun - on my last day of the Christmas break I savoured every mouthful!! :drool: lol

Well today the snow has hit Bristol again (about 5 inches) Getting fed up with it now :( My bus has been cancelled so my colleague is picking me up at 9.30 - woohoo (usually leave home at 7.10!) So I get an extra few hours all to myself :D So I plan on enjoying a warm mint choc shake before I have to venture out in the cold.

Have a wobble - less day everyone (according to wii fit I'm 5lbs down WOO HOO! WI is Sunday, so I have a few more days to shed some more of my wobble! lol)

Hugs x x x
Morning all,the snow is starting again here,but hoping will only be a dusting. I have now lost 1st of my xmas damage with 5lbs left to get me where I was(think I told someone on here I put on 1st 9-I meant 19lbs oops).
Mr T away since Monday,hope he can get back tomorrow night-grrrr I hate all this working away,he better get promoted on the back of his current project to make it worth it......although so much easier to stick to cd when he's not around.
Bling I am also jealous of your fab social life,I will be tuning into Fat Families tonight after Master T is in bed,I just kept shouting go on cd at the telly last week.
Enjoy your extra time at home Emma,I have been enjoying not rushing out of the house to get Master T to various clubs whilst I'm not driving in these conditions(I'm not a confident driver at the best of times).
Enjoy your wobbless and wobble-free Wednesday all x


Full Member
Morning all,
stupid snow here again, so no official WI for me again this week! Really needed it too.. Damn stupid weather!!
Still got in scales earlier, and will go by that, only 2.5lb down in 2 weeks, but I've not been sticking to it, so can't really moan! 1.5lb to goal, then wanna get a few lb under, on 810 now, quite exciting really!!
Have a great day all, bling have a fab time tonight ! Jealous!!
Emma, was hoping I didn't gave school today as I wanted time at home!! Enjoy!!
Becca enjoy your last meal! Lol!!

Let's have a great day!!
Morning everyone!

The snow has stopped here in cornwall and its been raining over night, so its pretty much washed away now...bring on the spring I say!

Hope you all enjoy your day and wrap up warm :) xxx


Why Be Normal?
Morning Ladies --

No new snow in Huntingdonshire (we're a bubble I guess).

BB -- Have a great night out. We're hoping for good weather and a confirmation on a sleep-over for DD for Friday. Then, DD and I will go out for our anniversary (a show in London, I think). if weather bad and sleepover booked -- then a flim.

Emma -- Glad you got a lift -- gives you more time, too.

AlyB -- Congrats on beign so closed to goal.

Time for my first shake -- then I need to get ready to walk tot he dog with the neighbour at 10:30. I was going to try a Pilates class, but I forgot to tell my neighbour, so I'll go to the gym after the walk and a few chores.

Morning all

Day 6 for me today. Keep getting REALLY AWFUL headaches which I'm hoping is dehydration. I drink loads anyway and I haven't made extra effort to drink more but I've managed 2 1/2 litres already this morning.

Bling - have a lovely time tonight.

We had a couple of cms of fresh snow here in Somerset last night but luckily our previous snow had almost gone so it didn't snow on top of ice. It's sleeting at the moment so I'm hoping that the nasty white stuff soon goes away. All the roads were really slushy and slippy this morning when I took my DD to pre-school, hopefully it will be much better when I pick her up at lunch time.


Silver Member
Morning all - I have woken to the sounds of a tractor beeping as it shoves snow out of the way in the square outside.

I am full of resolve to have a perfect SS day today and every day this week and I feel good. It is going to happen!

Blingbabe - did I tell you I asked my mum to get tickets for Calendar girls for when i am back in Newcastle. She managed to get them. Unfortunately there were hardly any left so although on the same row, we aren't seated together. I'm looking forward to it though!

Bouncing out of bed now for my first soup of the day!

Have a great day folks!
we aren't seated together. I'm looking forward to it though!
After you're seated you could see if you could swap with someone who's sat next to your mum. :) It might just be a group of friends or someone alone and you just got to move ends. :) When I went to see Billy Connolly back in Nov, even though it was sold out, people didn't turn up/forgot or whatever :)
Hi Again Ladies - No new snow here -- but the warm up then drop make for icy patches when walking the dog. Nearly landed on my bum a couple of times -- she gets excited when she sees other dogs and pulls. Good thing my bum is well padded. speaking of padded bums... check out the posting under "News" about big thighs and bum being healthy!

BB -- I was going to suggest talking over the people in-beween you until they offer to swap around... LOL.



Slimming down the aisle
BB sounds like a lovely night ahead, I hope you enjoy it.

Nums good luck with meeting your CDC!

Emma I totally feel you on the snow front. I've woken up to about another 3 inches but it's still snowing. The icy roads were starting to go and now it'll just be worse again. I just want to hide away from it!

MrsT, where does MrT work away to?

Aly 2.5lbs when you've not been 100% and you're so close to goal is a fab loss! Just think next week you'll probably be there, so well done you!

Alison, do you reckon you can send some of that rain this way to wash away our snow here?!

MM I really like the idea of doing a class but I just don't want to go by myself and there's no-one here who wants to go to one :( I might just keep trying to persuade people. I need to find me some friends who aren't so skinny!!

Nelly, see that's the problem we've got here. It's just more snow on top of ice, so it's going to get even worse in a few days when this is all compacting. Though the main roads were doing well. I think I'm just going to hibernate til next Tuesday!

AI that's the spirit I like to see. Think that positivity helps no end!
Hi CG -- Did not go to the class, as I forgot to tell my neighbour and we've just started walking my dog together this week (She has been walking my dog Mon-Fri at about 10:30 most of the time for the past two years). She came over and asked if she could whilst I was at work. (we "Dog Share" -- I bought the dog as a puppy from her adult daughter, so she is the great-grandmom to this dog... kind of).

Anyway, I forgot to tell Pat I was going to be out until about 11 and could we walk later, and she isn't always up by 9 (they're retired). so, I'll try this class next week.

BTW -- I go on my own. I used to be unable to do anything by myself (I have three sisters and we're close in age.) But, I started trying to do more and more and once I get myself out and doing... I actually enjoy it. Find a class and go. If it is size that's an issue, go to a Rosemary Conley Class.



Slimming down the aisle
I don't like doing things by myself though, I feel really... I don't know. I just don't like it. It's stupid really when I think of all the things it may have stopped me doing in the past. Though today I posted in my blog about how I've woken up feeling very different about things, so maybe I should start by just getting on with it and finding something. Once you get past the first 1 or 2 it's never that bad anyway.
CG - I can really relate to the not wanting to do things alone... but once you try you'd be surprised -- it is so freeing. You can think about yourself, not worry if the other person will make it, want to be there, have a good time, etc.

I started doing things on my own by accident -- I thought I was meeting some friends to go to a film. I had the day wrong. i showed up -- they weren't there. I'd arranged a sitter, I really wanted to see the film, and so I thought, "Sod, it. You are supposed to sit and watch anyway -- not socialize." I really enjoyed the film. Now, i do not usually go to a film by myself, but an exercise class -- sure. Once I'm there I'm not alone. I've made some good friends whilst working out over the years.

It's snowing here -- our bubble has burst!

Happy happy happy :) I got off my backside and went for a walk today. I feel proud of myself that I am back in the game of losing. My head was in the right space when I got up today and I know I can stop faffing round and start sticking to CD properly again.
It feels good.

Re the theatre tickets - well there are 12 people between me and mum but I shall ask very sweetly if they wouldn't mind bumping along one.

MinnieMel - I hope you don't have too much snow.

re activities alone - I ahve company at the pictures if I go to see a comedy or something but if I go to see a sci fi (shich I really like) then I am on my own as my friends don't like them. the first time I went on my own it felt odd but now I never think about it.


Slimming down the aisle
I don't actually mind going to the cinema alone if it's a film that I want to see and no-one else does, just everything else I have issues with it seems!
Hi everyone

Yep, dusting of snow in London, when will this weather finally understand that its just not wanted and be on its way!

Thanks for such kind wishes to enjoy my evening out, as you know we buy cheap tickets, £10 (which isn't much more than my local cinema in Romford), but get a great view in basic seats in the ampitheatre. Being in London, one finds creative ways to access arts and entertainments within your own budget.

I am at work so have to be quick, but I came so close to blowing it all today. Cold weather doesn't help. Foolishly I got on the scales at Boots at Liverpool Street Station and was 11:8 - felt so disappointed. Then I thought about it logically, I was 11:11 on the 17th Dec (last meeting with CD counsellor) followed by trip to Geneva for 4 days on 18th Dec, then Christmas and New Year celebrations, didn't properly commit back to CD until 4th Jan.
And we all know that scales vary, weight fluctuates, winter clothes are heavier.
Came into the office and had what seemed a major problem that got me stressed, it was all sorted out by the wonderful admin staff, the problem was due to the computer gremlins (relatives of the diet gremlins that also visit from time to time).
I am so pleased that I did not do what was on my mind - a dash to the vending machine at the staff cafeteria, it would have solved nothing and just caused more problems in the long-run for my health and well-being.
Ok, off-loading is over, dieting crisis averted for today, thanks for listening, roll on Thigh Thinning Thursday! x
BB -- Did you read the link under News post by Jim? We don't want to thin our thighs according to the information in the BBC news story! LOL Give it a look see -- it made me feel so much better about my pear shaped body.


Snow is dusting but VERY slick. I was sliding along whilst walking and driving -- and having a 4 wheel drive made no difference.

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