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Wobbly goose neck!!

Help! I've just noticed that there is loose goose-wobbly skin hanging from my neck!! I'm 33 and didn't think I was ready for saggy jaw lines just yet!! I really hope it's going to shrink back somewhere where I can't see it!!? :eek: You don't think running will make it looser do you?? (any excuse and I'll stop!! :D)
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Heheheh - I don't think the running will make it worse....sorry!

I had this throughout LL and I bought some origins Youthtopia face firming cream which I stick on every morning religiously. Has done the trick and tightened it all up lovely. Mind you, when I had it no one else admitted to being able to see it - I guess we just focus in on our imperfections, and the things that bother us most.



Fed up of being fat
Im on cd, but saw this and thought Id pop in as I have a bit too .... Im 29 and dont want a saggy neck .. argh!! I am moisturising and massaging the area every day and I know a couple of others on minimins did some firming exercises too which I need to have a go at. Im hoping it will sort itself out in time when my skin has chance to catch up with the loss?

Everyone else says they cant see anything so hopefully its not as bad as I seem to think it is .. we do focus on imperfections in our own eyes I guess?
Thanks guys! I thought about buying some fancy potion to fix it, but a bit worried that the more I touch it, the looser it gets!!!
Maybe if I wear a lycra face mask while running that will help!? ...or I might just get arrested...

Mind you, it's nice to be worrying about the small stuff, rather than my giant bum for a change! :)
Oh god scary!

Could it be because we aren't chewing on LT or CD and the muscles are going a bit flabby? I imagine chewing uses a lot of the muscles around the jawline and if you just stop doing it it is bound to effect the muscles. That combined with fat loss could be it.
I may not be chewing, but I sure am still doing a lot of talking, surely that exercises the jawline.:D