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***wonderous wednesday daily thread**

Hi all

So much for the early-ish night! Don't know what I have been up to (yep, as if, - watching TV and somehow simultaneously ordering a set of 5 semi-precious stones earrings on sterling silver post).
Anyway, swiftly moving on. Its payday on Thursday and I will try to turn over a new leaf with my shopaholic ways?! A pledge I make each month on the 19th, lol!

Hope that everyone has a brilliant day, making the most of this wonderous diet. :D x
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Slimming down the aisle
Good morning everyone! I expected to wake up feeling all achey and stuff from the gym yesterday, but I haven't, so I'm happy :) I was going to have today as a rest day, but I might head down there for a bit. If not I WILL get on my Wii Fit and do some stretches and yoga. I really want to try and get into swimming again, as I actually enjoy it. But my tattoo isn't completely healed yet so I can't go at the moment. Which is annoying as it doesn't hurt, itch or anything, and hasn't. Shouldn't be too long now!

I've really not been drinking enough water, so that's my goal for today. So I'm going to go grab a cup of tea and have breakfast, as that's my other goal at the moment, breakfast within an hour of waking up as it's apparently the way it works best to do with your metabolism and stuff.

Will be back though I'm sure!
Morning peeps
for some strange reason I am feeling chipper today I am sure that will change later, I can think of worse habits than shopping BB but i know what you mean.
I am trying to drink more water too Caroline so we can glug together xx


Slimming down the aisle
Kerry, come on, be positive! Tell yourself you'll stay chipper, and then you've got a better chance :)
I will be chipper until home time I live with hubby and two boys aged 11 & 14 and its very hard being the only girl sometimes but I am a cheerful type of person and things are good so fingers crossed


Slimming down the aisle
I can imagine. One of my sisters is married with 3 boys, it's all trains, lord of the rings, nothing girly at all! But then, we're all girls, so makes a change!
I wanted boys after being 1 of 3 girls so its my own fault lol they are good boys really.


Going for Goal!
Hi everyone, i'm back - not had chance to catch up with threads yet. I came down with a vile stomach bug on friday and after last night I know that I have NOTHING left. I'm still experienciung a sore stomach, but I am wanting to re-start ss today, fingers crossed my tummy will take it. I am considering halving each pack so I don't have to have as much at once, that way I can see how my stomach takes it. Since Sat I have had 2 bits of dry toast a day and lots of water. So no doubt I am out of ketosis - which is fine, i can't help being ill. So today is going to be trial and error for me - i'll keep you all updated with how i'm getting on. But for now 1/2 shake and bed is all I can think of right now. Hugs x x x


Slimming down the aisle
Aww Em, I wondered where you'd been. Hope you feel better soon hun! xx
You poor thing Emma hope you get back to feeling 100% soon xx


please try again
get well soon emma!


please try again
well im still struggling to swallow, have managed about 100ml of water so far today
have brushed my teeth 4 times but my mouth tastes funny, yuckity yuck

weigh in tonight, not sure how its going to go but hoping for the best


please try again
just opened a letter from the council saying in 7 days they will be going to court to seek an eviction notice against me and that they will view that as having made myself intentionally homeless so wont rehouse me

hmm what is my crime? am i antisocial like next door? nope
am i growing and selling cannibis like next door? nope

my "crime" is i had forgotten the pence on my rent when ive paid online so after a year and a bit i owe £28.52

i would laugh if it wasnt so pathetic

have now paid it so they can shove it up thier ass
how awful to send a letter like that for gods sake it wasn't very much money its not like they don't make mistakes.
After we were talking about my different hair colours the other I looked at some old photos and I have up loaded another horrible hair choice to my Me album its shocking lol
Hello all

Something of a late post - got home at about 10pm and been trying to catch up with foodpacks and water.
Firstly, had a successful experience in front of the buffet lunch - I got so engrossed talking to 2 colleagues, one lost about 4 stones a few years ago through calorie counting and has maintained, and the other started Lighterlife lite a month ago and has lost a stone. It was nice to have one other person having a foodpack, me with a CD porridge and colleague with a LL bar.
Good to see you back emma, hope you are on the way to full recovery.
Summayah, I worked for councils for 6 years, and they make all manner of mistakes of course with managing own finances, budgets running out mid-year and all sorts. Glad that the ridiculous letter did not stress you.
Dare I say where I've been, West End, to Debenhams (day 1 if 4 days sale) but only to keep my best mate company as she bought gifts for her hubby and the in-laws.

I do feel tired - day 4 of re-start practically over and weigh-in tommorow, bit of a headache but thats all part of the route to ketosis, hope everyone has got through today satisfactorily x

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