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Hello daily threaders

Welcome to another (or maybe your first) CD day, hope it goes well.
The weather is improving in London, but not sure how it is in your part of the UK or further afield.
It has been a hungry kind of day for me, not sure why, as Sunday was so much easier.
Not as angelic as I have been pretending to be, bought ear-rings (lovely carved white agate flower) from the sterling sliver and semi-precious gemstones range yesterday on QVC - my New Years resolution clearly broken. Oh well, call it a treat for getting back on CD although the reward is the forthcoming great weight loss, I hope!

Best wishes to you all, make this another day of getting closer to goal :bundledup: x
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Good on you hun for treating yourself, My hubby is gonna buy me a pair of uggs when i loose 3 stone, we all deserve a little something
now and again. x


Going for Goal!
Morning girls and all those to follow,

The earrings sound lovely Bling. I must say I have only watched QVC once and did end up buying something lol I refuse to go on it anymore, I could easily get hooked. Plus I think £7.99 p&p is a lot to pay, so I refuse!!! lol

Well I have a busy morning, I am going to the estate agents to hand in our completed applications for the house we have put our deposit down for :) When I get home I think I'll have an hour nap - I am soooo tired.

Not been jumping on the scales lately. I've decided to knock that on the head until my official weigh in on Sunday. I hope I don't cave!! lol

Have a fabby day everyone!

Hugs x x x


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Morning all,

Emma, how exciting! do you have a moving date?? im afraid ive not been as good as you at staying off the scales!!

In fact its doing my head in to be honest!! Yesterday scales were down a bit, not alot, but down.. today scales are UP again!!!! gggrrrrrr!!! im really annoyed and upset! Ive been doing ss+ last two days, ok admit to cheating a little too, but im getting worried now that I'll never be able to eat food again without putting on weight!!! At my BMI I should be on 810 I think, but im too scared! Dont think its helped that I didnt have official WI and chat with CDC last week.. OH might need the car tomorrow, so might not WI tomorrow either! really need to I think to end this stupid phase!

Right! so, today im going to finish this damn dissertation, and stick to SS+!!!!! shoot me if I dont!


Why Be Normal?
Oh BB --

I feel better about my addiction. Thanks. I can't remember that last time I bought some Portmeirion. But, I suspect I might be doing so -- I am going to check if the shop where the dessert forks and spoons were has another set and they are still on sale. it was sset of six each, and I "want" not "need" six more. LOL

But to justify the expense, and motivate myself to set things all sorted in the house (fix peeling wallpaper border, etc) -- I am going to host some sort of ladies' night. Probably not a Virgin Vie party or something like that, I'll probably host a games night. Then I can use the dessert forks and spoons. I think I'll make it a Mothers' Day, Mothers' Night Out thing. I should be at goal and maintaining by them (fingers crossed).

Congrats Emma -- How exciting. Keep us posted on your progress. How is the packing going? I wish you lived closer -- I am an amazing packer. Really. Japanese movers were impressed by my packing!


I feel your pain. After an intial drop of about 5 pounds in four days this week -- I've not shifted anything. I've been pretty good, but the closer you are to your healthy BMI the slower the losses. It takes so many fewer calories to maintain your weight. I suspect that if you are not doing very much exercise, if you managed to add in a little (sustainable) it'll give you a jump start. I set up and am using my DSLite Personal Fitness Coach: Walking. I was shocked that I had over 7,000 steps yesterday as I did not start using it until after 12, and had already walked the dog, etc. So, if on an "easy" day I am doing 7,000 steps and not losing -- I'll need to up the ante.

Let's hope that the "thawing" part of today is true -- I am so tired of being "extra" cold.



Slimming down the aisle
Morning all, a bit of a hit and run post this morning as I've got to head out to see my CDC for the first time. She put it off until a bit later today because her electricity went off. Has been a bumpy ride arranging and keeping an appointment with her, hopefully that's not a sign about what the rest of the ride will look like, plain sailing from now on please!! Anyway, I'll be around later, hope you all have a food free and water filled morning!! x


Why Be Normal?
Good Luck CG -- Maybe these these bumps were a bitof a test and you've stuck to your plan and it'll be smooth sialing from here on out. Bundle up -- it is freezing.



Can hug her knees :)
hey all well i havent been around much as ive been ill for about a week now but am finally on the mend and back on day 1 of my restart again as i had to stop last week and eat with my antibiotic as they were making me so ill, i had my weigh in last night adn i gaied the 12lb i thought I had but im not mad with mydelf it was 4 weeks since I had seen her and i am determined to get back and stay on my horse especially as she asked me if i would like to be a CDC :) she is bringing me the paperwork next week, i am so excited i was thinking about a change of jobs and this could be just what im looking for :)
i have to get to about 12 stone to actually be put forward but if i stick to it i could be that in 6 weeks :)
also today is a brilliant day as I found out my friend is out of a coma she has been in, I really am going to have a great day and am loving 2010 so far :)
hope everyone else is okay xx
Well done, Ani*me. I just updated my tickers -- only about 5 off. But a loss is a loss -- and I know that I can expect only about 3 this week. I will try hard not to jump on the scales in-between weigh ins.

Why don't you add a ticker?

Oh my Karena --

I am sorry about your friend and glad to hear that she is on the mend. We have a friend that was in a terrible car accident on Christmas Eve and he is in a coma, too.

On a better note -- becoming a CDC is probably a very good motivator. Congrats.



Can hug her knees :)
Oh my Karena --

I am sorry about your friend and glad to hear that she is on the mend. We have a friend that was in a terrible car accident on Christmas Eve and he is in a coma, too.

On a better note -- becoming a CDC is probably a very good motivator. Congrats.

Im so sorry to hear about your friend Will keep him in my thoughts, im sure the all the positive thoughts and the people praying for her helped Abby xx

It has made me more determined than ever to do this, almost like the determination I had when I first statred CD :D xx
Hello all

congrats ani*me for your great loss - well done!

good to hear emma that the move is all progressing

kerena, double good news re: your friend and the opportunity to train as a CD counsellor

minniemel, shame I am not local, I would like to attend Virgin Vie make-up party, as a shopaholic you would be assured that I would buy plenty of stuff that I didn't need, ha ha!

Alys, head down with the dissertation, I have a mammoth report to write for work today although I do prefer work stuff to studying. I am doing another course in March but its a short health and social care one with Bradford Uni. I take an exam at the end of an intensive week, prefer that to having an assignment.

oisin, lucky you getting a gift of a pair of uggs when you get to goal, I don't think I will buy uggs as I always wear boot cut trousers but could wear with skirts, mm, maybe look at uggs in the USA this summer?!

caroline, hope it goes well with new CD counselor

Sorry for anyone I have left out - memory loss on CD! x


Can hug her knees :)
ahh Kerena i LOVE that website!!

Ive been bidding on a few pairs of boots on ebay (my new best friend!) and some clothes that actually fit! ordered some nice underwear off there last night in my new size.. cant wait for that to come!

oisin, what type of uggs are you going to get? wish i could afford them!! although i do have a lush pair of cowboy type boots that ive been wearing to death as theyre sooo comfy! theyre Harley Davidson ones, although I dont ride in them... too nice for that!

excellent loss ani*me, you must be chuffed!

MM, Ive had a few virgin partys, theyve been good fun! but im thinking more ann summers these days! although all that stuff is quite expensive for a lil bit of lace!

Bling, whatya bought today?? I love earings, not bought any for ages though, might have to look up some on the qvc website!

Diet wise all going to plan so far! had half of my tetra hot choc, will have the other half when the kids come in from school... then soup later and ham salad.. then a lush orange bar at 9pm... and NO CHEATING TODAY! NONE!! got WI in the morning with CDC..

Dissertation wise, I wanna get at least 1000 words in today... so far.. so good! at least its keeping me occupied!


Can hug her knees :)
can you believe i have never used that site before in my life, I was just hunting for some casual boots (im normally a heels kind of girl) that weren't Uggs and came across those, and now I need them lol going to go shopping Friday and hope I can find them in a shop as im having no luck online :( xx


Can hug her knees :)
oooh they are nice too, i Need the snowjoggers lol xx


Slimming down the aisle
BB you're quite the QVC fiend aren't you!! I don't allow myself near shopping related things, it's too dangerous and harmful to my bank balance!

Emma great news about the house, any ideas on completion date yet?

Aly try and stay away from the scales for a bit, it's probably for the best! I'm very much like you, scales are great when they show me what I want, otherwise it's really disappointing and I let it dictate my mood for the rest of the day. Just remember if you're sticking to it 100%, it'll be working.

MM you were right on the bundle up front, is freezing out! I'm sitting here under my duvet inside even I'm that cold. It was like an ice skating rink out there, it's ridiculous really! I think you're right on the test front. I think any other time I would have given up but I'm so determined this time. I'm not starting it for a 3rd time, no chance! I'm so determined that I'm considering turning around when I go to Barcelona on a uni trip in April and saying I won't be eating and just take my shakes and bars. Would mean a lot of explaining to people but I think it might be worth it. I'll see how I feel at the time though. My then I'll hopefully be 3 and a half stone lighter so will be over half way to goal. I do partly feel that this time it has to be an all or nothing, no breaking for anything. But after 3 months of no food I might change my mind, we'll see!

Ani well done on the 6lbs, that's a great loss, I told you hey! :)

Kerena I think you're totally right with the way you're thinking about it. There's no point getting mad. Last week you did the right thing, it was what was best for your body. As I'm sure you know, those 12lbs will be off again in no time. I'm glad to hear that your friend is out of the coma. Does it look like she's come around ok without long term side effects? Good luck finding the boots, I had a quick google search but everything pointed me back to Asos. I stay away from Asos, is dangerous for my bank balance too!


Going for Goal!
Thanks for all your lovely house move good luck wishes! The move in date is Friday 22nd Jan :) Can't wait! This gives us 23rd and 24th to move everything in to the new place, then 1 week to completely blitz the flat where we are now to ensure we receive our full deposit back. So it's all systems go! I have my weigh in on Sunday and I'm actually tempted to get 1 months supply - I just think that i'll be so busy I don't want to run out of packs because I can't make the time to visit my CDC. I have worked out the price and it'll be £145.40 for 4 weeks worth. It's a lot in one go, but it's only what i'd spend anyway...just makes life easier. But then I'll miss my weekly weigh ins to be honest. Saying that, seeing a chunk of weight demolished after the 4 weeks may be a great motivator for me too :D

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