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Wooo hoo!!!! Six pounds!!! SIX POUNDS!!!!!!


Cant believe it! Thought Id miscalculated, I knew it was a really good week but thought it was gonna be four pounds as I swear I weighed in at the .00 mark last week and Im down to .10 now - but went to fill in my graph and found last week I weighed in at .02 so Ive lost SIX POUNDS! :eek: (Allowing for my Syn Extravaganza Saturday (when I had 82 syns :eek: ) Thats the most I have EVER lost since the very beginning! :)

Only a pound to go for the 4 stone doodah! :)


Gah, its a pain in the arse about having 2 WI days, they moved me from Tue to Wed when I moved to SW Online cos thats the day I signed up so I cant actually WI 'officially' online til tomorrow but I use Tuesdays as my marker... Ill probably pout it all on again by tomorrow... :rolleyes: must be good... :cool:
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Thanks lovelies! :) Gonna stick to 10 syns tonight so I dont put it all on again before tomorrow's official WI! :eek: Might look at my food diary in a bit and see what I did good :D
That is great news, well done sweetie...xx
Well done Ermintrude - what a fab loss! You'll have to give us your top tips!
Well done!!!! I noticed you said that you had a high syn day. I have a high syn day every week, because the one week I didn't I only lost a pound! I actually think for me it helps my weightloss, maybe it helped your loss aswell? Or maybe I'm just crazy,lol :)
Yeah I have a lot of syns on Saturdays usually as I let myself loose on the vino and have a few extra syns with my meal or I might get a takeaway. :D The weeks I 'behave myself' I do actually lose the least :confused:
P.s I couldn't see your diary have you one on here I want to steal ideas!
I started one here: http://www.minimins.com/slimming-world-food-diaries/214451-erms-photo-diary.html but sort of stopped doing it cos it was a bit repetitive and I figured nobody would be that interested. :eek: I still write it all down and take pics of most of it tho (I know, I know, that makes me anal! :D Its just I have a better idea of what it actually was that I cooked if I can see it, rather than just have a list of random ingredients I ate that day :D ) I'll have a shufty and dig out this week's pix then I can do it all again next time Im getting stuck :)

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