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work vs loo..... what to do???

As you guys know day 1 lipotrim. I work as a part time cashier at a bank and im returning to work tomorrow after my yrs maternity leave. My problem is with all the water im drinking i need to go to the loo every 15- 20 mins... and its gonna be pretty hard managing that especially in the busy hrs. I dont wanna discuss LT with anyone at work just now. What do i do?????
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weighs a lot less
you could say you have a bladder weakness due to having a baby ,you only need to tell the person incharge ,or tell the truth ??


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For the first few days on tfr I was going loo every few mins also but I found this passed and after a few more days I didnt need to go as often. HTH
It will be tough going as you work in a bank. So do I , but am not customer facing...
I would go with the bladder weakness - maybe they can give you some 'behind the scenes' stuff to do.
Good luck


Says it as it is!!!
Yup, the old bladder weakness comes in handy at times ....i wuld use that xx
Agree with lillie and nictastic


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On a serious note it's more embarrasing to be caught short than explaining you're doing something positive about weight loss surely ? :)


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yeah i no its embarassing,but youve gotta be honest and do whats best for your body,and dont hold it in,because iv done that and actually have bladder weakness myself,your body must come first.
best of luck and maybe if you make a joke of it you wont be as embarassed,i take the piss out of myself all the time only way i can stay sane!!! xxxx

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