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Worried about putting all the weight back on!

Hi All,

I am starting week 3 of LL today and have lost 13 pounds so far, but I have been having a look at some other forums and the majority of people on them have been saying about how much weight they have put back since completing the programme. :eek:

I am now worried that I complete LL only to regain the weight fast. I have also had to take on a second job just to pay for LL so am concerned am wasting my cash.

Does anybody know anyone who has completed the programme and kept the weight off?
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Hiya, there's no doubt that a lot of people do regain some or all of their weight, but then that's the same with all diets if you return to your old eating habits. The ones I know who have been successful have all completed the Route to Management, and then when maintaining have all taken immediate action once any pounds start to creep back on. My counsellor has a rule whereby if she gains half a stone, she immediately cuts out carbs until she's back at her goal weight. She also loses weight PRIOR to special occasions like holidays, so she can relax and not panic about gaining. You seriously have to change your life if you want it to work long-term.

I'm not far off goal having lost over 6 stone, and I know how you feel about the money as my LL fees are mostly paid with the child benefit! However for me, it would have been worth the cost just to have this one wonderful Summer where I felt confident about my appearance. It's just been so liberating.

Good luck - you've done brilliantly so far!

TC x


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It is a scarey thing and I used to worry about it all the time. I think in the end as most of those who have regained weight will tell you. Its your choice what you put in your mouth or how much you exercise. Focus on loosing your weight now and don't fret about what others have done is the only advice I can give you. I have told my LLC I will weigh in with her every single week even after I finish RTM that way I can not justify any serious gains.

Good luck with your journey.
Hi MM, I did lighter life almost 18 months ago and lost four stone. I have returned as I have gained a bit but this was wholly my fault, nothing to do with the LL diet, I just got complacent, stopped weighing myself and started making excuses when I felt clothes getting tight. I think the thing to remember and what I will remember this time around is to have regular weigh in's even if its just you weighing yourself, don't ignore any gains, even if its just a couple of pounds, tackle it straight away and you will be fine. It is expensive but its well worth the money - like Tange said, just focus on the here and now. You've already lost 13lbs!! that's a smidge off one stone already - keep up the good work and you will be fine x:D
i am just starting week 4 and was thinking along the same lines but i am determined that this diet is the last diet for me and i am going to change my whole way of thinking to maintain my goal weight. i think i will probably weigh myself once a week to keep a check and immediately do something about any gains i have had. i know that i will never be able to eat like i did before but i think thats a good thing! good luck with the foundation and im sure you and i will be able to keep it off! x
I reduced my weight by 11 and a half stone on a VLCD and finished back in April 2006.

I am the same weight today that I was when I finished the diet so it is possible to reduce weight and stay slim.

Key for me was removing the emotional benefit I got from food i.e. bad day, bored, comfort, tired etc etc.

And also changing my lifestyle so much more active, eat healthier and more sensibly and also learn about portion control.

If you can commit to those long term changes then you will be slim, if you go back to your old ways then it is a quick trip back to being overweight again.

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As said previously - the only people I have met that regained more then a few pounds, are the ones who decided to do RTM "on their own". Instant disaster, and that is when the waste of money comes in. You are paying a fortune - do not cut costs and miss the most important peice of the puzzle!

Other who completed RTM, are slim and fit, as far as 4 years down the road for one of them - the others I know are 2 and 3 year stable. It can be done. But we must make the right choices to do it. Its that simple really. :)
You must just keep telling yourself - this is not a diet - this is a LIFE CHANGING EVENT! :D You are changing your life. When you lose a massive amount of weight - your life IS going to change. So follow suite, and change your habits too - and you will be A-OK. :)

Keep the faith, and believe in yourself. You'll be fine. But it is a worry I am sure sits somewhere in the back of everyone's minds. :)



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I use a website called Nutracheck now that I am back on food, it tracks calories and you can put your exercise in it. There is a five day free try out. I have been using it now for a week, I paid the three month subscription so will be tracking all the way. Its input versus output this diet lark innit :rolleyes:. I think that may just be what I will be doing for atleast the next year to keep me on track.
Thanks for all replies to my little worry. You have all put my mind at rest about regaining the weight. I AM GOING TO KEEP IT OFF

Thanks again,

Monk Monk

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