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Extra Easy worried about weigh in tomorrow.


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i got weigh in too tomorrow and im sooo scared , 3rd weigh in for me
I totally know how you feel. I weigh in tomorrow too and is my second week and I just have a horrible feeling I won't have lost anything or STS or even worse put on!! I have been really good and have not eaten over my syns, wasn't out at the weekend, but just have this feeling. I have managed to stay off my scales this week so I really have no idea at all :(


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Girls dont worry about the scales, ours are all over the place through the week - sometimes as much as 7 pounds but I still seem to manage to lose at WI. If it demotivates you or makes you sad or down then the advice on here is good - you will hear it again and again ... stay away from them.


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do you have all your 5-15 syns a day??

I've only just joined minimins today, how do you do the extra bits on your threads such as the aims and week losses?


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i'm addicted to my scales, sometimes even weigh myself morning and night. I know weight regularly changes but can't seem to stay off them.
I lost 4lb the first week on EE, then 1.5lb a week for the last 2 wks. My scales at home are always all over the place. On weigh in day I seem to be 50% excited and 50% terrified! lol


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i'm sure it'll be fine. am thinking of having the odd red or green day during the week to see if that helps. This time tomorrow i'll know.

Princess Tigerlily how did you get the slimmer of the week award on there, other posts said you have to have done 50 posts???
I think until you have 50 posts the size of your sig' is limited but one "star" will fit. There is a how to in the slimming world help/faq thread. xx


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i did see that but got confused when it started talking about changing the numbers. (doesn't take much to confuse me when it's about computer stuff.)
Throw the scales out! Youre paying weekly for the 'pleasure' of being weighed in class. So dont panic until youre on the SW scales, till then keep on keeping on. Youre all, we're all doing great xx
am going to getted weighed tomorrow am going by the books i have bought them from ebay i dont finish work till late but goin for my first weigh in tomorrow so i set myself a target want to lose a stone but could need to lose bit more


I've stopped weighing at home as much as possible, mostly because my scales could say I'd lost 8lbs, but if my counsellors say its 2lbs then its 2 that gets marked on my chart!

Its not worth the hassle for home weighing.
do you have all your 5-15 syns a day?? ]

My councillor said to aim for 10 a day. My first week I was going out on the Saturday night so I saved pretty much all my syns up for that but this week I stayed in so I used them to treat myself to some chocolate and ice cream at the weekend. Still find it hard to use them all though.

Will see what the scales say today and ask my councillor about it if need be


I WILL be thin!!
Tonight is my 3rd weigh-in and so far I have only lost 0.5lb! Hardly brilliant, is it?! So I'm dreading tonight, especially if I havent lost anything :(


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Thanks Krissybaby, think i'm getting way too worried about it all. Just been weighing myself in different clothes how bad is that. will see what happens tonight and talk to my councillor.
I lost 3lbs I am so chuffed :D I was so sure that I couldn't have as I have had a flake 2 nights this week and chocolate fudge brownie ice cream. Just goes to show you can have them as long as you count them in your syns. Gotta love those flexible syns :D


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2lbs, first 1/2 stone gone. am pleased to have lost that as those dreaded scales said sts before i left. But still a bit disappointed it wasn't more as it was my first full week and thought i'd been really good. I got Slimmer of the week as well. i was happier about that than the 2 lbs. :)

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