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Worried - Colposcopy tomorrow

Hi All

Not been about much. Lots going on. Hope all are well!

Very distracted this today, have an appt at a not-so-local hospital for a Colposcopy tomorrow.

I've never had any further investigations at hospital before, other than an ultrasound for PCOS, before, so am getting myself a bit wound up.

Has anyone else had one and can offer some advice about what will happen?

Thanks :(
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Yup, had one of those. I think every orifice has had a camera up it, down it through it at sometime or other since my dx.

It was OK. The secret is not to ponder on what is going to happen and try to focus on how lucky we are now-a-days to have such sophisticated equipment.

The only problem I had afterwards was trapped wind which was a bit uncomfortable.

Thought you might like to see this letter from someone who has had one recently..

Hi Ladies. Just sticking my oar in as well in praise of this procedure. I'm 25 with 1 child. After having my first smear at the end of December, I was found to have CIN 1. I had my colposcopy today. I was fairly scared but it really is virtually painless. I had to have a biopsy taken so had a local anaesthetic via injection to the cervix - it was a small scratch like scratching skin with fingernails - and had the biopsies taken which I'll admit were uncomfortable. They caused no pain but a very weird tugging sensation. I'll get my results in 4 weeks maximum. Depending on results, I may need further treatment but the colposcopy itself, local injection and biopsy are really ok. Please feel re-assured. I can feel a slight soreness and am spotting very lightly. It really isn't as bad as some horror stories make out.

Hope this has helped Ruthie.

You know I am thinking of you and you know where I am if you need me.

hugs:hug99: xxxx
Thanks Sue.

The rational side of my brain knows it will be fine, but the other half is freaking out!

Trying to remain calm. OH thinks he's being supportive. Hmm, kind of.
Thanks Sue.

The rational side of my brain knows it will be fine, but the other half is freaking out!

Trying to remain calm. OH thinks he's being supportive. Hmm, kind of.

Bless him. They get so scared.
We both know they're routine, and loads of people have them with no consequence, but with the year we're having so far, with losing his dad and his grandma looks like she might not have so long too, he's quite worn out really.

I'm going to the hospital we took his Dad too for his initial consultant's appt too, which has shook him a bit. But it's only there because the pathology and cancer and GUM clinic are all remotely related and in the same building. It's even on the complete opposite side.

He can't get the time off to come either, which has upset him a bit. But, to be honest, I think I'm better on my own. With someone fussing I'm likely to get more wound up about it I think. At least this way I have to concentrate on driving there etc, and not sit for the whole journey stewing over it.


loves SW!!
I had abnormal results from my first two smears when I was 20 so then had to have colposcopies every six months for a few years in order for it to be monitored (it cleared up without intervention in the end). They're not much different to a smear test except that it lasts a little longer.

The one thing I'd say is that it can be a little painful (like period pain) afterwards and you can bleed a little so take a painkiller before you go and take a sanitary towel to use straight afterwards - they do provide them but the ones they give you are like bricks!

Try not to worry - I know it's easier said than done!

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