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Worried that I ruined a great thing

S: 14st11lb C: 13st6lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 33.3 Loss: 1st5lb(9.18%)
Hi all... I'm back again!

Short story, in 2010 I lost about 4 stone, getting to 154 last November. From then to now, I've been staying primarily low carb, and have been bouncing between 155-165 without much effort. Because I haven't been doing any exercise, I figured that I'd be at this weight until I stepped up my activity, but that was okay for now.

September 2011 - went on a cruise for 2 weeks and went up to 170 lbs.

Came home, went hard-core low carb for 10 days, and got back to 160 :)

At that point, I started "stress eating"... my father had open heart surgery, and I really ate a lot of rubbish to deal with it. Then I had a minor surgery myself last week and again, I ate to make myself feel better. The painful truth of being a sugar addict has hit me square in the face.

I've hit 172 :(

I started back on Atkins yesterday, but am terrified that all this back-and-forth has made me insulin resistant and the magic of low-carb isn't going to work this time. I worry that I've "broken" things.

Can I have some good thoughts and ideas to keep my right? I can't exercise yet as I've still got abdominal stitches, but want to reign things in so I can at least wear my clothes (I gave away all my bigger clothes, and I'm NOT buying new ones!) I'd appreciate hearing from people who've gotten back on track from a bad patch.

Thank you :)
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Over the years I've been LC I've heard a lot of people talk about Atkins being a 'one-shot' deal and that it can be a lot harder the 2nd time around and, undoubtedly, that's true for some people. It's definitely never been true for me. I've maintained for five years but at least once a year (usually on holiday) I let all good sense go out of the window, eat lots of carbs, put on 5-7lbs, invariably get thrush - hence the reason I shouldn't eat carbs at all - and then have to lose the weight again asap before it 'settles' on my hips. Each and every time the weight drops right off again as fast as the first time as long as I adhere strictly to induction. The truth is that I will always want the food that is bad for me and I know I will always have 'blips' but as long as I get back on the wagon straight away it's never done me any harm (except for the thrush - ow!). I think the answer is to forgive yourself and move forwards. Even if you are one of the unfortunate ones who finds it harder the second time, all that means is that it might be a little slower this time NOT that it won't work.


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I've played about with low carbing for years and for me, its definitly harder now than it was first time round. But it does work, it just takes me a bit longer.

But as long as the scales are going down, then thats all that matters to me. x
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Hey hunnie
Gosh it sounds like you've had a tough time.
Eating for emotion is understandable, I think we all do it to some extent.
I have had a fair few times on the old weight loss yo-yo, so know how it feels.
If you are now insulin resistant then getting back to low carb is the best thing you can do, but from what you say about sugar addict - it sounds like you've been that way for a while anyway.
I wouldn't worry about being broken LOL. I have been an Atkins fan since 1999 and it still works like a dream for me. I just need to learn to eat fat and protein when I get emotional eating instead of the junk stuff Hee-hee.:rolleyes:
So put it down to a learning experience and as I do, treat that nasty white stuff as poison.
Stock up on friendly foods, get a pretty glass for the water and drink a toast to yourself for being self aware to stop the gain and know what you have to do to be healthy.


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I'm sure you'll do fine, but if you don't lose as fast as you'd like, do remember that weight isn't everything when it comes to health. Lowering your carb intake will improve fasting blood glucose and cholesterol markers, even if the scale won't budge. And it will budge eventually!

Also, although I admit I have no proof of this, I think that you'd only do serious, possibly irreversible, damage to your metabolism by being VERY obese, like BMI over 40 (like I was :().

My mother was diagnosed with 2 different cancers last year. Wow, the comfort eating I got through then. I hope that if something similar happens now I will at least try to resist, and remember that I feel more stable and emotionally sound without sugar messing my head up. We owe it to ourselves not to let sugar win! I hope your dad is OK, best wishes to both of you.
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Yes you can do it. Life's a roller coaster at times but you need to make sure you are strapped in and safe. Sometimes we take a longer route and there are a few twists and turns on the way.
Whats done is done and this is the new you - HUGS.

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Welcome back Sera - stick with atkins and it will work for you
S: 14st11lb C: 13st6lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 33.3 Loss: 1st5lb(9.18%)
Thank you everyone. I'm sorry to panic - I just looked at myself losing all the progress I made last year, and felt sick about it.

I'm feeling pretty good - have had a loss so far this week but know some of it is water weight from all the surgery swelling. Have spent a few ravenously hungry days, but have not cheated - just ate TONS of protein and fats (plus lots of broccoli!) Am feeling more in control now.

I am still feeling a bit sore and am reluctant to try any exercise yet, but if my eating is in control I'm happy to just control my weight with food until after the holidays. While I still want to get closer to my goal weight, as long as the scales aren't moving UP, that's a good thing!

You guys have been a blessing this week - thank you!
Seraphine x


On a mission for boobs!
S: 18st2.6lb C: 15st10lb G: 13st8lb BMI: 31.6 Loss: 2st6.6lb(13.59%)
Dont think anyone has ever referred to me as a blessing before! I'm going to have to tell everyone on fb now! :D

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