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Hi everyone, hope your all having a good day,
I've nearly completed my 14th day! im really pleased as i never thought id stick it this long! I feel great on the diet my food cravings are passing at last but i do have a couple of worries has anyone else broken out in spots???
I haven't had spots since i was 13 i now im 29 and my face has come out in BIG horrid spots:cry:Sorry im not being vane (honest!!) also this might be just me being a worry wort but my hair is shedding all over my shoulders. Im drinking at least 4 lts of water. Do you think these things will pass soon? Thanks for any advise xx
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Well done on sticking it out for the first couple of weeks - that's the toughest bit over.

Not experienced either of those myself, but your body may be detoxing hence the spots.

I have read some threads of people losing hair on the diet - I think any VLCD can do that to some people - but it's normally after quite a number of weeks.

Sorry I can't be more help - try doing a search on hair loss and you may find the previous threads which might help.

Good luck and well done so far :wavey:


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Hi ellie, thank you, i've just read some of the previous post about hair loss (i never saw the search button at top lol, still learning) lots of good info. I think i'll stick with ss i can put up with the spots for a few months!! Thanks again xx


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Bad skin in the first few weeks is very common and is the extra water intake flushing out your pores. You will find in a few weeks these will clear and leave you with much better skin than you had before the diet.

Nothing to worry about but as with anything like this you can always pop and see your GP for his/her advice.


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