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worst day ever


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Awww you poor thing. I would try gargling asprin too, I was told that sugar free strepsils were fine too.

Hope you feel better soon. x

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Awww you poor thing, tuck yourself up in bed if you can. Drink plenty of water & a couple of paracemol...

Hope you're feeling better soon hun :hug99:



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Oh Eileen I do hope you're feeling better soon - get some tablets down you and get tucked up in bed.


G: 12st0lb
I was like this last week Eillen and it turned into flu because I didnt go to bed and keep warm. Once I gave in and went to bed I got better in about 4 days , sorry hun but you just have to give in. Watch out because some soluable pain killers contain citric acid not great for Ketosis.
Big Aw and a hug you will be better in just a few days if you take it easy, goona be crap weather over the Bank Hol anyway!
Aww hope you feel better soon...what week are you on? I take paracetamol & codene soluble and have never been knocked out of ketosis...HTH. How are you feeling now? Have you got the St Clements - its quite nice hot if you're ill & psychologically you feel like you've had a lemsip!As others have said listen to your body, glug water and have a good rest. Big hugs!


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thanks everyone, im still very weak, my temperature went really high at teatime, so then i was boiling for a few hours.I slept quite well, at least we have no plans this weekend, im going away next weekend.Im taking paracetamol & drinking my fruits of the forest, never thought too have it hot, thanks i will try it.

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