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Original Would love to try a full week


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Hi all

How many of you do red days all week?

I love green/mix2max/ee but i find if i do a red day im starving as only have 3 meals, but i suppose its there to eat all day but i find that a bit cheating.

The question i have is, im okay at night time for meals but stuck in day as i normally have pasta, and for breakfast is easy as full english and omlette and stuff.

I no i have 2 exB's but one is took up with hifi as for chocolate fix at night, so 1 barmcake is small and i would be hungry after it grrrrrr any help would be lovely plz.

Im thinking of doing this to see if it would shift more and be more suited to me as im a very slow loser. :D

p.s. if at night for example i do chilli could i have that in afternoon next day or do i need to have more variety to make it work
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I do alot of red days and often make things in the evening that I can have for lunch the following day as it's so much easier. I often make sure I have some meat I can snack on if needs be, ham, chicken, healthy bacon etc.
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I was thinking of doing a red only week too.

I made some pate on Friday night (which is now nearly finished - yummy) and thought to myself, I could have this with a small salad for lunches at work.

There is a girl at our group who has lost 5 stone in 7 months, and she attributes it to mostly red days. Although she enjoyed green days, she felt she had better weight losses on the red only weeks. With this in mind, I'm going to give it a go this week and see how I get on.

Good luck with your weight losses!
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I'm yet to have a red day! The thought of cutting back on pasta and potatoes scare me haha
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I try to stick to mostly red days, but find EE so easy, i often end up switching. I do know if I stick to red, I am far more likely to lose weight. Though struggling to at all at the moment. Red day snacks could be crab sticks. ham. Red day lunches are often home made soup, it is just so easy, I am no cook. Vegetable is a good one. Or buy some oxo flavoured cubed. you can make a gorgeous soup wth chinese flavoured oxo and a bit of 5 spice. Throw in shredded cabbage, or beansprouts, mushrooms, and prawns, salmon or chicken. They do indian and mxican cubes as well, that can make wonderful soups. Spiced parsnip is easy too. Curried cauiliflour is boiled in milk before whizzing and adding curry powder. That tastes really creamy. Just slimmed milk from allowance. A good omelette is a good lunch. Or godd old fashioned salad. Or mix hard boiled egg with cottage cheese and have on ryvita or scan bran.

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I used to do a lot of red days as I thought it would improve my losses (I'm a slower loser as well!) but to be honest now I do EE and green most of the time and I am still losing at a similar, slow rate!

For me, the key to filling up on red days was to have loads of superfree veggies. So, I'd make a bolognese but have it with broccoli, carrots, butternut squash etc. I'd often make a huge tray of roast veg to serve with a steak, chicken breast (wrapped in bacon and stuffed with cheese, mmm) with lots of green veg on the side as well.

You could try using some syns for proper chocolate, and saving your HE-B for something more carby, like some new potatoes or a bit more bread.

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