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Would you go on this?


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No way:eek:


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Tempting, but NO!


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Love rollercoasters but that one looks a bit tooooooo mucH!


Gone fishing
absolutly no f**kin way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,is that picture you or someone you no kd?
No, don't know her and it isn't me :D

Bit worried about the hand of the lady holding the ticket. One step forward and.....:eek:


Taking Back Control...!!!
Absolutely no way on this earth.... I don't even like 'The Dragons Apprentice' ride at Legoland (and I think the clue is in the title how tame that is.....:rolleyes::eek:).... went on it a couple of years ago and as it's designed for kids from 1 metre up (ie. around age 3) they stop after the first time round to see if anyone wants to get off..... well if looks could kill from my hubby... it was like 'don't even think about it'.... I just shut my eyes and screamed like a sissy on the second round.... sat next to my 3 year old daughter:eek: (if that was me I'd have wet smelly jeans iykwim:eek:)
The first video is the Coaster in the pictures posted by KD.... called Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point, Ohio

The second is a faster copy called Kindga Ka which is in New Jersey.


Gone fishing
The moment where you tip over the top always scares the cr*p out of me though!
I can imagine. Think I'll keep to the one below, though even that makes me feel sick and dizzy.:eek: I just need one that doesn't move. I'd be okay then :D


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