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Wow - comparing LL results to two previous Slimming World attempts

I dug out 2 of my 3 Slimming World books. Out of curiosity I wanted to see where I am now, weight wise as to where I was then.

The first attempt was 2005.

My starting weight was 19 stone, 1.5 pounds. (267.5 lbs)
I got down to 17 stone, 12 pounds (250 lbs)

Total loss: 1 Stone, 3.5 pounds (17.5 pounds.)

Time to lose 17.5 pounds: 47 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek: (there were a fair few ups and downs of course)

It took me 8 WEEKS from the start to lose my first stone, then a further 16 WEEKS to lose my second!!

The lowest I got through all the ups and downs was 17 Stone, 1.5 pounds then back up 9. pounds before quitting.

The second attempt was probably 2006

Starting weight was 19.5 stone (273 lbs)
I got down to: 17 stone, 4.5 pounds (242.5)

Total loss: 2 stone, 2.5 pounds (30.5 lbs)

Time to lose 30 pounds: 18 weeks!!!!

It took me 7 WEEKS to lose my first stone, then an additional 4 to get the second one gone. Not as bad as the first attempt, but enrollment was only about half the time so I quit before I started back up again.


Yeah. I think I will stick with LL!!!!! In 4 weeks, I beat my first attempts lowest mark with SW by 7.5 lbs, and am 5 pounds from beating my second attempts mark already!!

I was 281 pounds when I started LL which means I gained 40 pounds from my last attempt with SW!!

I am now 18 Stone, 3 roughly. Which means I am sort of in the middle of each journey on SW, yet I feel so much bigger now! I think our bodies change with each up and down of weight loss.


I am not sure there is any point to this, I just found it interesting.

I think I have one more SW book, I am sure I did try three times, will have to keep looking.
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hehe well done you.
Its funny cos I weighed in less today than what I ever did when I did weight watchers for 5 months.
and I thought exactly the same thing.
I guess some things just work better for others!
I am not 1lb lighter than what I ever reached on WW and have no intentions of stopping! Its like going down a big slide!!
Keep it going kiddo we are sooooooo gonna do this!! :D
You're right BL - it's fascinating to see the difference between the speed of loss between a VLCD and a normal diet ---- def worth not eating for :D
An whats good is that its a fair experiment as you have been the one undertaking the diets. No argument over metabolism speed.

Very interesting, but mostly - WELL DONE!!! xxxx
I lost 6 stones on SW and never put it all back on (put on about 4!) but the problem with SW is that there is no protion control at all - huge amounts of pasta etc etc. I think it was the lack of understanding about how much I needed (rather than wanted) that was my downfall.
I lost 6 stones on SW and never put it all back on (put on about 4!) but the problem with SW is that there is no protion control at all - huge amounts of pasta etc etc. I think it was the lack of understanding about how much I needed (rather than wanted) that was my downfall.
Thats something Ive NEVER understood about SW how eating unlimited amounts of 'free' foods has you lose weight. Jings if I was on that Id be having half a chicken and a packet of bacon as a snack or something :giggle:
I think it has to do with what you combine with what.

When I was much younger, maybe 19 or 20, my friend and I did a very strict diet called The Beverly Hills Diet. I doubt it made it over here, but maybe?

The premise was, certain foods combined with others would make you fat. So this BHDiet, you ate certain things on certain days - but had to leave at least 2-4 hours between eating something else....it was an odd diet.....and required strict discipline, just like LL and CD. It was actually a good diet, you did eat a fair amount, but somedays you only ate one ting - but as much as you wanted, like Watermelon - a whole day of watermelon...very refreshing but a lot of time spent in the loo!!

It was very expensive as you ate a lot of exotic fruits - mangoes and papaya and pineapple....but it was quite a good one.

The author of that diet, Judy Mazel died last year. I wondered if it was a result of her bizarre plan!
I seriously think we have ESP or something. I read your earlier post about looking at this post to compare. I just find it funny that I think of something and you mentioned it the same day just a few hours earlier ;)

I am doing great by the way.. went on my first date today in ages.. My first date with someone I didn't already know ;) Now if I can only find a good pair of jeans...

How are you doing?
LOL - we have done that more then once!!! :D Must be the California Connection!!! ;)

Glad you are doing good, and hope you had fun on your date!!!

I am doing great now, thanks!! Had a real mental mind-**** yesterday - really was a tough one, but back feeling positive and with a silent mind today!!! Thanks!!!

Good luckwih your jeans!!



Gone fishing
Must say I was a SW fan for ages. I lost six stone on it once. Red days only too (the green ones hadn't been invented at that time). Yep. I'm old:eek:

I did put it all back on in about six months
but that could have happened after any diet.

Gave me a chance to meet up with my old SW buddies at the January meet though

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