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Writing it down to keep me in check

First day today on WW :D

B- oatso simple plain, SS milk & banana (5pp) Is it right that 1/2pt SS is 2pp?

late lunch- 10pts
roast beef (4pp),
mission wrap (5pp)
peppers (0)
horseradish teaspoon (1pp)

Dinner- 15pts
105g cooked weight roast beef (9pp)
200g dry roast pots (4pp)
Cauli & carrots, roasted BNS free
horseradish (1pp)
Gravy (1pp)

Skips 2pp
frozen berries, chopped banana & sweetener 0pts

Total= 32pts
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Tuesday 26th

B- oatso simple, milk (5) frozen berries & sweetener 0 pp
L- Beef salad with roasted peppers & onion, tsp horseradish (7) banana (0)
D- 2 blackened Basa fillets (6) low fat soft cheese to make the spices stick 30g (1pp), 200g new potatoes (4), roasted onions, garlic, peppers & toms.
S- plums, satsuma, strawberries

That leaves 11pts for other eating, I have a scone with jam & cream for a sweet treat later, I've worked it out as 8 points does that sound right?
5pp for the scone
1 tsp Jam= 1pp
tbsp cream= 2pp

Skips 2pp

Total 33pts, I've eaten what feels like a ton of food today
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Wow, a real cream tea, I feel utterly stuffed. That was so worth the wait.
Weds 27th
B- marmite & philly on toast (7pp) & banana.
L- pitta 5pp, hummous 25g 2pp ham 2 slices 3pp (10pp) filled with lettuce, pepper, toms, cucumber. packet of skips (2pp)
D- 2 fishfingers 100g cooked couscous & peas with a bit of olive oil, which I'm reckoning up to be about (11pp) It was the kids tea that I decided I would eat with them too.
S- 4 party rings (4pp) fruit
supper- fat free natural yoghurt with frozen berries (est 3pp) melba toast, philly & marmite 3pp (43 weeklies left)

My eating has been more snacky today, too bread based, will go for porridge instead tomorrow.
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B- porridge & berries and a banana (5pp)
L- melba toast, philly marmite (3pp) mackerel fillet (4pp)
S- 2 slices toast & marmite with philly (7pp)
Marshmallow (1pp)
20 used 14 left, I've been out all day and I'm dead on my feet, could do with something easy and nice for tea as dh is out and I'm on my own with the girls.

D- Basa fillet 6, potatoes 4, loads of roasted veg, I am so looking forward to this.

multipack salt n vinegar 4pp

total 34pp
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It's my birthday today, treats abound.

B-porridge, berries & milk 5pp
L- Royal birthday lunch ;) Ham & cucumber sandwiches spread with philly 9pp cucumber & carrots with hummous 2pp Jam & cream scone 8pp

24 used, 10 dailies left and 43 weeklies to treat myself tonight.

Thinking special chow mein (9) chicken & sweetcorn soup (6), maybe a couple of pieces of prawn toast (6) which would leave 33 weeklies. I could make a jug of pimms with 5 25ml shots in for 8pp with diet lemonade and all the trimmings to go with it which would leave me 25 weeklies.

Feeling happy to find ways to have a great birthday with takeaway and drinks without blowing my diet.
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Exercise 20 min cardio workout & 20min brisk dog walk
B- porridge, berries & banana (5pp)
L- 2 large eggs (6pp) 1 slice white med bread (3pp) & chopped toms
D- 3 quorn sausages (4pp) 100g dry couscous (10pp) peas (2pp) with garlic, onions, mushrooms, herbs & chopped toms (16pp for the whole recipe)
W- 3L

30pp used and I have some leftovers from the couscous to eat for supper if I'm peckish. I'm also glad I didn't have the slice of costco pizza I was going to for tea, just worked it out as 19pp a slice!!!!!
Sunday 1/5/11 A new month starts here

B- oatso simple 5pp banana & berries
L- Ham melba toast sandwiches with philly (5pp) carrot sticks & hummous (2pp) & a banana (work day, has to be something I can grab on the go)
D- I may do tuna steaks & noodles with stir fried veggies, will point it tomorrow for the noodles, don't know what brand I have and I am in bed. Any good value for points dried noodle brands I should look out for?
I've been tracking on my phone since I joined the meets so not checked in much here. However I'm looking at eating more filling free or low pointed stuff to fill me up between meals as a reduce the convenience snacks, as though they're lighter it's still not a good habit.

I budgeted 100g of 0% yoghurt (1pp) this morning, had half of it in a smoothie, a dollop in my 0pp soup and the rest on a meringue nest (1pp) with a load of fruit, so really stretched it out. For my late lunch I had my soup with 1 slice of bread (1pp) then I had a ham salad (1pp) loads of rocket, beetroot, cucumber, toms and peppers, with the meringue for afters. Huge 3 course lunch for 3pp!!!
Hi Darling! Just checking in to follow ur progress! hope u are well xx