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Wrong weight

Hi i've been doing a silly thing I have been weighing myself every morning after the loo, before my first drink and in my pjams and my weight loss has been great so today at my weigh in it said a different reading to my scales so got very confused when i got home weighed myself again and they were the same so I havent lost as much as I thought. Oh well a stone and a half in 2 weeks is not bad going and I'm over the moon. (What a twit):rolleyes:
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Trust me I did exactly the same and then gradually started to say "oh well, might as well nibble if I have put on anyway" but your body will fluctuate throughout the week. So don't do what I did and pile it all on and more. Just stick to one WI a week, two if you must (I have limited myself to two and it works much better for me) Well done on your weight loss so far tho - that is fabberoony!!!


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A stone and half off in two weeks is awesome!!!:happy096:

Well done!

Love Mini xxx


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Well done on the loss!

Body weight does vary throughout the day - funnily enough I weigh LESS at night than I do on a morning but heavier in the afternoon!

I'm a serial scale hopper too and my scales vary from me losing 8lbs to me staying the same as last weigh in to me actually having gained some! Really frustrating.
I'm trying not to weigh myself anymore as it's confusing (easily done with me!lol;))
My weigh in is on a Friday afternoon at 4pm when I'm usually at my heaviest :cry: I just hope it all evens out.
Still - all that weight gone in just two weeks is phenomenal. I'm on week 2 and lost 7lbs my first week. 2nd weigh in on Friday but don't think I will beat your record. You should be really proud of yourself.
Well done

Deb G

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I'm getting SOOOO brave with my scales. I used to be a twice-a-dayer. Then, since starting LL I have been SOOOO good and only weighed ONCE a day! Then, in the last 3 weeks I've gone down to every-other-day.....and now I am a "twice a weeker". I can hardly believe it! I weigh on a Thursday morning (so I have an idea what my weight loss will be at evening weigh in) and again on Monday morning.

I am so brave!

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