WW at home?


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loads of us do - though a lot of people find the classes really helpful too.

i dont go to class atm, but when i start to get stuck i will be going back :) x


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Its pretty split between those doing classes and those going it alone. Its very doable at home :)


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not myself, i personally needthe weigh in to keep me going, but everybody is different, im sure youd have good success if you know the plan well xx


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Hi, I've started to do ww at home and just jump on Boots scales every Saturday morning when i'm in town (can't trust buying home scales, i'll be on them every day). I've already got the ww books from when i last joined. Try it home and if you get stuck or demotivated then just join a local meeting.


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I do WW at home at the moment. There is so much support and advise in this forum that I feel I don't need to go to the meetings. Not saying I'll never go but if I really fallen off track and I need the extra support then I will. There is one about 10mins walk from me so at least I know its there if needed.


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I agree, just seeing all your brilliant weight losses is inspiring and your advice is great.


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Hi, I do WW at home (alone) if you like, but never feel alone - the support from everyone here is absolutely amazing from points queries to emotional support - everyone just seems to be there for me. Obviously everyone is different and some need the structure of the official class WI. My advice is to try it alone and if you need the structure/discipline of the class then sign up - if not then its money well saved - towards your new wardrobe :D Good luck xxx


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Sandy one of our other lovely members of the ww forum lost 11.5 stone doing it along so it can be done,but i was never very good doing this at home :)
Good luck