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WW Bread


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Yes you can have the malted danish. I always have the nimble malted danish, it's not as fluffy as the WW one. I find the WW one falls apart very easy especially if I toast it, but the nimble one has a bit more substance to it and fills me up better.
Thank you ladies :) I was just confused because the WW Malted Danish didn't seem to be in the Hex B list, just the Danish Brown and I think the WW Wholemeal or something like that.

Annie - Do you know if you can have 2 or 3 slices of WW Malted Danish ? xx


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I think it's 2 slices of the danish. That's what I've been having anyway because theres a bit more substance to it than the wholemeal so it weighs a bit heavier


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I've been having 3 slices of the ww malted danish as a hex b when I can't get the brown malted danish, and it hasn't done my weight loss any harm. I don't have bread every day though. I feel deprived only having 2 because they're small!
I love the WW thick sliced wholemeal. It's lovely and doesn't taste like 'diet' bread as it's thick! 2 slices are a HEX B.

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