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WW vs. SW. help me decised please

Hi depends on what your family likes, I tried SW twice both times I'd only lose on red days and I'm not a big meat eater and green days I'd sts or gain as I've got pcod and carbs didn't like me, SW does work for thousands especially if you like big portions.
WW you can have any food you like in your points allowence you can save upto 4 a day to use by the end if that weigh in week for a special meal, drink , treats.

With every plan it has to be a life one and exercise too as the lower we get it's harder to lose weight.

Good luck with your choosen plan xx
The thing I like about WW is nothing is off limits, so long as its within your points you can have it. WW is more than a diet it teaches you a whole new way of eating.

If you like Eating Out etc the WW Eating Out guide tells you exactly what points are in meals so theres no guess work involved, a night out doesnt mean going off plan.

I know youll hear people say they were always hungry on WW etc but quite honestly thats not the fault of the plan, thats cos they werent using their points properly. Use your points properly and you wont be hungry at all. Same as when people say they were eating for the sake of eating - again, bad points choices.

Ive done both SW and WW and I hated SW. I lost almost nothing on it but then when I look at how much I ate its hardly surprising. I dont feel I learned anything from it. No portion control and to eat when ever I wanted didnt help either, thats what got me this size in the first place. I need to learn new habits and I honestly feel WW does that.

SW does work for a lot of people but its a case of which plan suits your lifestyle better. Id definitely recommend WW - its a fantastic diet to follow and the results speak for themselves :)
Totally agree with starlight, I have completely changed my eating I dont have sugary higher cal cerals now I choose low gi as it fills me up, I now hate White bread and love brown but have it sparingly also I eat alot of veg n salads mskind meals from scratch using no point veg. I was a grab what's there person before now I make sensible choices, tbh I can't see how people lose weight when you cam eat as much as you like on SW but people do but there has been many SW members swap to Ww xx


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hi bunnie i posted this in the SW forum and i'm doing WW oops hehe, here it is again incase you dont see it -
i've just done SW for the past 9 weeks and only lost 8lb :( i stuck to it 100% but my portion sizes were out of control so i began WW on saturday and i had a peak and i'm already down 2.5lb this week.. i think it totally depends on where you are at the moment. the 'free food' ethos of SW is very tempting and it is a healthy, low fat diet but i found that i really challenged the free food theory by eating too big portions and found although i stuck to the plan, i was hardly losing and just didnt think it was worth the effort. I like how fruit is free on SW, i hate the way WW tempts you to eat one of their chocolate deserts for the same points price of a banana, which are you gonna choose?!
but i find personally i get better losses with WW. i prefer the stictness and i know exactly where i am. losing weight is an equasion; kcals in - kclas used = weightloss and i'm afraid i ate tot much free food on SW to lose much weight each week.
some people argue about one being better, i think theyre both good depending on what kind of dieter you are. noone can argue one is healthier than the other, you can be as healthy as u want to be. you can sit at home all day eating packets of supernoodles on SW, you can spend all you WW on rubbish and ditch things like fruit.
Personally, i will be losing the rest of my weight with WW, then i'll use SW lifestyle to maintain as i dont want to spend the resy of my days counting points in food.
good luck xx
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I done slimming world and lost 2 1/2 stone i find sw easy to follow in winter (big bowls of soup ect) but very difficult to follow in the holidays wen im out and about with the kids (seen me sitting in macdonalds with a fruit bag ) or grabbin a sandwich as the bread allowance is very low it really depends on your eating habits. I like convience meals when i was working which are high on syns so at least for now im giving ww a try but to be honest both have pros and cons . But good luck on which one you choose


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I agree with what has been posted both plans have their pros and cons. I have lost weight with sw but eventually began to sts or even gain due to my huge portions. Although I was eating healthily I needed help to control my portion sizes.

I now find ww fits in with my life much better. I work shifts so like to take ready meals when I'm working an afternoon and ww makes this easier. Its easier to eat out and still stay within points and is much more flexible. It is teaching me portion control and I am def not hungry.

Good luck with whatever plan you choose.
I find myself at the same crossroad :rolleyes:

I love the idea of SW, but in my head it doesnt sit well, as I feel guilt over the lovely free food!

I cant go to classes, as with dh work and the amount of young children I have, I just cant.

I have had 3 children in the last 3 years, but have managed to lose 30 ish lbs in that time, but still have a very long way to go.

Decisions decisions!
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i have only just moved to ww from sw, i have done sw on and off for about 4 years. i initially lost around 2.5 stone but found it hard to keep it off. i have a big appetite and would have far too much pasta and potato portions just because i could!! then ended up gaining all my weight over the years.

i have now decided to give ww a go on my own at home to see how it fits into my lifestyle and hopefully it will control my portion sizes much better. i havent tried ww before so its all new to me. thankfully i found this website though and reading through it has given me much needed help and inspiration.


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thank you everyone for the great replies :D


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I switched from SW to WW a couple of months ago. I have lost weight with both, so I know they both work, but I find WW fits my life better.

Like many people, I found that my weight loss was stop start with SW and I think that was because just because I could eat as much free food as I could, I did and with scant regard for my portion sizes. I have also never farted as much in my life as I did doing SW, and coming from someone prone to IBS that is saying something lol.

I love the idea of SW but it just doesn't suit me very well. I also found it expensive buying fresh fruit and veg all the time - at least with WW I can get my 5 portions a day and know I've done well rather than buying a stupid quantity of fruit to keep on my desk for the week and then eating every piece the same day because I could, and then have to buy more the next day.

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