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Ww would be so much easier if someone took away the weekends :-(

Lol I'm the other way, I'm busy doing stuff at weekends and don't have time to eat but through the week I pick pick pick!!


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Weekends are a nightmare for me. I try to save some of my weeklies for the weekend, but never manage to save enough and end up going over my points. Its only the exercise that saves me from putting weight on most weeks.


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I'm the same as Auburn - weekdays are my worst time especially if I'm sat in the office.
I usually travel in my job so don't tend to pick but as soon as I'm based in the office OMG I'm sure the devil takes over. :)


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i tend to sleep in so miss breakfast... more points for my dinner/lunch lol :p

i struggle more with week days... during the day is fine but evenings are a nightmare. and weekdays off work are just a car crash waiting to happen... unless i'm actually busy


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I find saturdays hard, it's the only whole day the OH and I get to spend together, so we're usually out and about.. and he doesn't have to watch what he eats so we often end up eating at a pub, café or restaurant! Or nibbling on convenient food (If I don't have the foresight to take fruit!)

As I'm off sick, the days are long and boring so have to resist then, but it's counting time down until I see the BF as he finishes work at 2! So I'm pretty good with self control IF I can keep busy...
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Yea girlies it seems to be a break in routine that does it... When I'm working all week I'm fine... When I'm not it's just boredom eating.. I must try remember that next time I reach for something :) x


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Grrrrr i hate the weekends. Has anyone just tried exercising off the points. Like if you go over by lets say 10pp and then instead of seeing it as a major failure just gain activity points in the days after to counter act it.


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I dunno how you do it CE, I wouldn't be able to cope being off work all of the time. Hope you get better soon love x
Eurgh it's so frustrating! Actually want to go back to work :| Thanks tho hun, hospital in 17 days YAY :D x


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I find the weekends virtually impossible. I do tend to go out with the lads on a Sunday afternoon for a few pints, and don't like to let the side down. Problem is after a few, you do tend to stop caring about points...and it turns into a disaster. This Sunday just gone turned into a seven pinter, which wasn't good. Thankfully I still had the 49 weeklys left, but I'd rather not be doing this regularly.


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I totally agree with you. I do so well all week nd undo all the good work after a nite out nd of course then theres the day after where I jus seem to crave shrugging bad all day nd never feel satisfied


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Arghh i thought i was the only one this weekend iv picked so much its unreal. I had a salad from KFC saturday night but i couldnt refuse the chips and a bbq roller and today we went to my nan-inlaw to be (sounds wired) and has like party food for my father inlaw to be birthday, & even though they are really ealthy and i had mainly salad i feel like iv scoffed all weekend :rolleyes: WI tomorrow morning so ill soon find out.

Good luck everyone for your next weeks WI. :D



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I agree with a lot of you guys. Weekends are nit so much a problem got me, it's when I have a day off work/uni ie. break in routine that kills me! I spend all that time constantly battling with myself !


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Have you tried keeping your weeklies for the weekend? I save mine up and have a booze blow out lol but equally they woud be great for snacking and treats on sat and sun?
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I am the opposite and struggle with weekdays. If I am in the office there is so much temptation to pick, especially if I am bored.

At the weekends there is always something to do. I am always on the go so there is no time to think about food lol

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