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Hi guys,

Just wanted to ask if anyone knows if we can take Xenical and do Slim Fast??

I've looked at the nutritional info (thanks Aby!) and there's around 2g per 100g/ml and about 6g in the whole shake, so there IS fat there to warrant me taking the tab....

Just wanted to hear views from people / advice if you're on both etc.....

I've been doing cal counting for last two weeks, but with a new baby I think that this would be simpler, easy to stick to and fab for when i go bk to work.

I thought I'd give it a go for a week and if its not TOO bad, I was gonna alternate between that one week, cal counting "normal" foods the next, just to mix things up a bit. After all, SlimFast IS cal counting isnt it...just helps you stick to it.


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Hi there. I did it not long ago but ended up just taking the tablet with my meal/snacks. I tried it with the shake but it gave me bad stomach ache. I would say try it if you want and see if it works for you.
thanks hun....

hmmm....does bad stomach ache mean there's too much fat in the shakes or too little??

did you lose weight on the SF??

I tried slim fast a couple of years ago but not with xenical, I think I stuck to it for about 2 weeks then got utterly fed up and went back to eating "normally" (ha ha) its not for me but wer'e all different, give a go and see how you feel, however with a new baby you need to keep your energy levels up so I would opt for eating real food and counting cals, but thats just me...let us know how you get on
thanks for the advice Skyegirl, am only going to do it for a week each time, not sure im DEF gonna do it yet, gonna go to Tesco tonight for a food shop and take a look at the products and see....

hmmm....does bad stomach ache mean there's too much fat in the shakes or too little??

did you lose weight on the SF??
Not sure it may be to do with the amount of milk consumed with the tablet.
Yes I did lose weight but after being on cambridge it was bliss to have the snacks.
I think a week of each is a good idea, as I got fed up and jumped over to slimming world.
good advice! dont think i'd be disciplined enough to be on it forever, but i think its a good structure, I want to do CD or Lighter Life, but i dont think id be disciplined enough! so with SF I know im doing something positive about my weight and trying to cure my addiction to food by having meal replacement shakes instead, but then ive got that one meal to look forward to!

gonna take it day by day! havent had any bad bellies/problems so far, but i did have the meal replacement bar for brekkie with a tablet not a shake.

i asked my doctor about this the first time i went to get xenicals. she said that its healthier to eat well balanced meals then to have these slim fast products with xenical .. i wouldnt advise doing both.

but thats my opinion.
thankyou =] x

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